My trip to the Netherland was Short! I went there at the end of winter (March) and the weather there was so gloomy and nasty. To be honest, bad weather really can wreak up your whole trip:P When I first arrived in Amsterdam, it’s pouring rain and I couldn’t found anyone in the hostel. This was my first experience to have not met anyone on the road and just hang out all by myself. I only stayed in Amsterdam for a day and head north to a tulip farm. At the end, I only stayed in Holland for a total of 2 and a half day…hah:P

Tulip farm in Netherlands
Tulip from NL

I cannot even find one photos of myself in the Netherlands:P and no matter how hard i adjust below photo, I still cannot get them you can imagine how bad the weather was.


I have not even try the “coffee shop” in Amsterdam:P

weed in admsterdam

Just me and my fries:P

fries at Amsterdam

The only 2 things that can make me smile-LV store:P

LV in Admsterdam

And below—they are vibrators everyone:P




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  1. Peggy Shu says:

    I hate while I went traveling the weather gone bad.I remembered when I went to visit the great wall, it was pouring while I still need to walk up all those stairs……but you cannot beat the weather. Still, it seems like fun.

  2. whenever I travel the one thing I hope for is good weather..
    the tulips in the first photo are so beautiful! lol those look like some high end vibrators

    • those vibrators?!!….I have no idea….lol. Maybe you should ck out the price:P ..and let me know:P

  3. Of course, I follow you on bloglovin! You have a very nice blog. Have a lovely day!

    Kristin 🙂

  4. I love the sun! I’m happy that during my Italian Holidays shines constantly! But the flowers are beautiful in the rain!
    As always – great <3

    • went to Italy for vacation…Ah I wanna go back to!. It’s such a nice country…lots of SUNSHINE!!!!lol:P

  5. Such amazingly gorgeous flowers! =)

  6. I really want to visit Netherland! I love the images:D
    kisses chris

  7. Gorgeous image with the tulip field, love it!
    Manases Andrea recently posted..Zig zag with dotsMy Profile

  8. Nice trip! and so beautyfull pics! I follow you ! WE are in contact!

    nice weekend

  9. Amsterdam is great! It’s such a gorgeous city!!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Jess xx

  10. Hi Tammy so nice photos! yum for the fries!!^^ Kisses and happy weekend dear!

  11. wow I´m definetly following you,your blog is so classy! maybe you could follow me also?
    Isabella recently posted..Sous le SoleilMy Profile

  12. It’s such a gorgeous city! Love it! =D
    Amina recently posted..I don’t mind if it rains forever!My Profile

  13. lovely capture! yummy fries !!!
    carol recently posted..Braids and Bows ! Inspiration!My Profile

  14. Looks like you had a blast 🙂
    Inês de Castro recently posted..Summery studs and stripesMy Profile

  15. I like Amsterdam so so much. Netherlands is one of my favorite countries. I also like a small city near Amsterdam, Utrchecht. And the tulips look great also!!!
    Wishing you the best for the weekend!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..Mrs Suit in progressMy Profile

    • Hey Margaret, I actually passed by Utchecht when i took the train from Brussels to Amsterdam!

      • Dearest Tammy,
        That is a surprise to read that you went briefly to my birth country. Even though I am from the most southern province of Limburg. That is some 2-½ hours driving from Amsterdam. We always pass by Utrecht, on the way to the south via Arnhem…
        The weather can be that miserable I guess for over 70% of the time. Holding on to such a pouch of French fries gives you warm hands and a warm belly… You want to hold on to them for warming up!
        It always is wet, either snow, hail, rain or drizzle and the wind makes you feel miserable. After having lived in the tropics it feels even more miserable. You cannot get warm… especially after a night on the plane. You did well in the short time you were there. It is a very interesting country but you need to know someone from over there to take you around.

  16. Fabulous pictures of a wonderful place 😉
    Caro* recently posted..Esprit.My Profile

  17. wow it really is a paradise! When I was in Netherland, I was in Edam (wowowwowowo pretty calm and worderful place)!

    Cri recently posted..TwoMy Profile

    • ah…Edam…I need to ck it out later:)..maybe this place will change my view for Holland:P

  18. I reallY love Amsterdam it’s a great city!
    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..My style 45My Profile

  19. Lol!!
    Great post…sorry you for the bad weather…and soooo funny about the vibrators!!
    Martha recently posted..Oh Louis, Louis…My Profile

    • I didn’t know what those things are at the’s only after I came back I finally get to know what they are:P..I thought originally they are some really cool gadget for iphone!!!!

  20. stunning pictures again, I love tulips 🙂
    Karo recently posted..Wedding number oneMy Profile

  21. oh my, tulips are my favourite flower, those fields are so beautiful!


    Laura recently posted..[Sunset in Oia, Santorini]*My Profile

  22. wow these are really amazing photos!
    beautiful place!

  23. Hi dear Tammy!!!
    sorry for being so late, but the internet didn’t work very well before 😉
    however, this post il adorable especially for flowers, and i’m so jelous, for your amazing world trips 😉 i wanna do the same!!!!
    kiss, amy

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Monsieur Jean, moi et la memoireMy Profile

    • Hey Amy, it’s ok. YOu can visit any time you want;)….everyone is busy with their life. Once I hit africa, it’s hard for me to reply to everyone also. And yea, you should do the same and chase your dream…do what your heart told you too:) have a nice weekend:)

  24. tammy u knw what? i wanna travel around the world like u, great pictures. i do admire u.
    keep doing what you love.
    its a pity you had to stay two days and headed for the farm but fair enough you got lovely pictures from your trip, rain rain go away lol u should have said that poem.
    when u in london holla mii :))
    see u soon in ur nxt post darl

    • hey thanks…I would love to visit you some day:) and I am sure you will have the chance to travel around:) cheers:)

  25. I always wanted to visit Amsterdam but I was always under the impression that the weather was bad…and you confirmed it with this post! Seems like a pretty cool place anyway!
    – Marie @ Make the World a Prettier Place
    A Prettier Place (@aPrettierPlace) recently posted..Reality Bites by Samantha DevonaldMy Profile

  26. Ryoma Sakamoto says:

    Every day, We are looking forward to a nice blog.
    Netherlands is the “wonders of the world discovered” Japanese TV show, has been introduced. It is a country very nice deep history.
    In Rotterdam, I live in my friends.
    In addition, even in The Diary of Anne Frank, is famous for.
    Also in the army to Rejisutan Audrey, also opposed the Nazis, I have heard.
    Thank you!
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

    • are welcome. May I ask how did you find out about my blog? Thanks very much for following:) and tell me so many thing about Netherlands, cus so far I don’t have good memories there:P but you changed my mind:)

  27. The first picture of the flowers is just gorgeous and amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia

  28. OMG so cute pictures.

  29. Wow such lovely photos of a great city.
    Molly recently posted..Little Red Riding HoodMy Profile

  30. Whohaaa, nice post of ‘my’ country. I’m sorry for the bad weather. Maybe you can come back some day ;-).
    Happy weekend!


    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Festival FeverMy Profile

  31. I have been there once. I think it’s a cool place to visit! lovely photos!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Pacific Theatres at the GroveMy Profile

  32. It’s amazing!

  33. Hi Tammy, I read your comment about our giveaway and that you live in NYC too. I don’t know how it works to send things from Italy to your country. I just have to ask to the post, then i will be able to say if you can take part our giveaway. I’m very sorry, but we send personally the gift to the winner! Anyway we follow you back! Your’re very pretty and I love all your pics! 🙂

    • Hey, That’s ok As much as I love to get the giveaway personally from you, I think I am gonna miss Italy this time:P. BUt I will be pretty close, and will be in Malta and Greece soon. BUt still, I am glad: you follow me already:) Cheers

  34. Well, you know, the Netherlands are wuite close to Englad, this is probably the reason for the bad weather 😉 The picture of the tulips turned out very well! I wish you good luck for the next time 🙂
    Natalia recently posted..Sugar townMy Profile

    • ahaha, yes, that’s what I though do, Michelle from the world is a book also said she got used to the weather -like london:P

  35. Totally gorgeous photos! Fabulous blog! I am following you on bloglovin! I look forward to more of your posts!


  36. I really liked Amsterdam. I was there (also by myself) for 3 days….and I never made it out to the tulip fields! I totally wish I had! I hung out around the city, saw the windmills nearby, went to a cheese and clog factory, and even went to one of their “special” shows just for kicks. haha. It was good times.
    Diana recently posted..A Day Trip From Buenos Aires: Colonia Del Sacramento, UruguayMy Profile

  37. Haha, so funny to see a post about your own country 😀 Nice pics! x

  38. I miss Netherlands, the scenery is gorgeous, Love all the flowers and blooms
    Following you on bloglovin dear, lets keep in touch and have a great weekend

  39. Ohmigosh those fries look incredible – and I LOVE the colors of the flowers. What a beautiful place the Netherlands is!! 🙂
    Cafe Fashionista recently posted..Hi, I Adore You…My Profile

  40. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.. following you
    Keep in touch! 🙂

    Amor recently + white + leopardMy Profile

  41. I love the vibrators hehe

    Aitana recently posted..The perfect shoesMy Profile

  42. I love these pictures! Amsterdam is one of my favourite places! Those chips are AMAZING. Hope you had fun!! Following you on bloglovin’ Keep up the cool posts!
    R xo
    Rach.P recently posted..Paris Je t’aimeMy Profile

  43. Amsterdam is a beautiful city to visit but I agree that the weather there is extremes. I remember being in Amsterdam during October, several years ago, and it was Freezing! I had to sleep wearing layers of clothes in our hotel room! Maybe a visit there during Spring or summer will be better.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Weekend In: Muskoka Summer FunMy Profile

  44. Still look pretty, I have been and you definitely need to come back around May, the weather is better then and its all blossoming.
    Hope your weekend is going great.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..New Yellow Love from OasapMy Profile

  45. Lovely pictures 🙂

    malika recently posted..Harbour island 3My Profile

  46. beautiful pictures!! it looks like it has been an amazing trip 🙂

  47. so gorgeous and lol with the vibrators!
    Xo Megan
    megan, recently posted..This Week…My Profile

  48. Amsterdam is very pretty. Visited there couple of times and liked it on every visit.

  49. those tulips are amazing. maybe you should go back to AMsterdam for a photo :))))

    just me recently posted..Weekend partyMy Profile

  50. I am going to Armsterdam soon…

  51. Lovely pics Tammy!!! I have been in Amsterdam 4 years ago and it’s a very nice city. 🙂

    Colour2003 recently posted.." Herve Leger Inspiration"My Profile

  52. You should come visit in August, the weather is great now! I’m sorry you had a bad experience, it’s a pretty great little country though 😉

  53. Ha Holland, my country… the weather can be really bad, that’s true. Right now it has been great, sunny and hot hot hot for quite some time, so I made the most of it (shopping, drinks with my friends at the ‘terras’, and this weekend I went to the beach). I hope, if you’ll ever visit Holland again, your experience here will be better!

  54. The Netherlands look gorgeous! You really captured it well with your photos. Honestly, of all the places I want to visit in Europe, Holland ranks very highly!

  55. Finding good weather in the Netherlands is rare haha! But when you live there you’ll get used to it. I believe we (dutch) are in the top ten of happiest people in the world. Maybe we’ve learned not to let weather effect us (even though we complain about it all the time hahaha!)

    I love your blog I’m following you with bloglovin now! If you feel like it check out my blog and follow me back 🙂

    Elise recently posted..‘I don’t shake hands with women’My Profile