Malawi-by the lake

Malawi-by the lake

I had the BEST TRAVEL STORY in Malawi. What happened? See for yourself below:P


Malawi woman

This is their shopping Centre….Forget about Gucci, Chanel and Fendi:P

Malawi Shopping Center

Lake Malawi is Breathtaking! I highly recommend this country if anyone ever want to go to visit Africa 🙂

Breathtaking Lake Malawi

I went Horseback riding from the forest, through the fish Village into Lake Malawi:)

Horsback riding in Malawi
Horseback riding to lake malawi
horsebacking riding in lake malawi
rnSo Obviously my horse did not like the idea to Swim with Me! He threw me right into the water!!!!!rn
swimming with horse in Lake Malawi

But at the end, I climbed right back and swam with him in Lake Malawi:)

Horseback riding into lake Malawi

He needed to dry himself in the sand afterward…can you believe a horse did this?

horse at Lake Malawi

Sunset is Amazing…

Sunset at Lake Malawi

I also got to see the SUNRISE:)

Sunrise at Lake Malawi

The hut below only cost US15 / night!!! IT’s a lake-view hut!!!

sea view lodge-Malawi

Well. you cannot expect more….a bed is what you need:P

My Ocean front view room at Lake Malawi

I stayed at one of the room(US$5/night) over looking the lake, and there were 5 rooms all together. My story began in here:P IF you check out the photos below, you will see how beautiful the lake was, but when you take a closer look, you will see some black shadow on top of the lake. There’s millions of Malawi Flies during the summer in Lake Malawi!!! YEA–FLIES!!!! Small one. They are attracted to light source at night, so when people go to the restaurant, they will fly over their food but local people actually EAT THEM because they are full of PROTEIN!!! Anyway, my first night there, I turned on the light and left my room for dinner. When I got back, I saw hundreds of Flies all over my room!!! I was screaming so loud!!!! Then there was an Australian guy started yelling at me and told me to SHUT UP!!! It was the funniest ever. He told me to turn the light off and pretended nothing happened; So I did and went straight to bed! Then someone started talking to me, and the next one joined. At the end, there were a total of 5 people all talking to each other and they are all from different countries around the world. Can you believe we could heard each other even the room was NOT right next to each other:P…Funny!! And the next day, when I woke up, I saw hundreds of Dead Malawi flies on my bed!! That mean I slept on every single on of them erwwwww!

at lake Malawi

Beautiful Lake Malawi before Flies invade

Malawi Flies

My hut at Lake Malawi

And I went to see the witch doctor the other day:P

moutain at Malawi
Local at Lake Malawi

I will never believe a witch doctor can cure my pain:P

witch Doctor at Lake Malawi

Cheers Everyone:) And don’t forget to check out the Malawi Chairs I bought in Malawi In the Heart ♥ Africa Page🙂

Dawn at Lake Malawi

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  1. so stunning pictures, girl wish you travel so much as you 🙂

  2. Great post!
    fashionhypnotised recently posted..ALL SAINTS DRESSMy Profile

  3. wow, I’m sure you had an amazing trip!
    Laura recently posted..LPG – in cazul meu a facut minuniMy Profile

  4. well written story and beautiful photography!

  5. Hi Tammy! I always love read u, so beautiful photos! thanks for sharing! kisses dear!

  6. Amazing photos!!!! I can’t believe your horse tossed you out into the water!!! :S That’s my fear when I rise horses!!

  7. hi Tammy!!
    > i really love the pics with horses!!
    > i have 5 horses;))
    > i’d like to visit malawy;)
    > to beat the thieves, we sceramed that we had weapons;))) ha ah, not true , just to scare them;)))
    > kiss, amy

  8. Tammy, you captured the beauty and heart of this place so vividly. Thanks for taking us there with your breathtaking pictures

  9. Great post. I love your pictures! The horse, whahahaha. Never seen a horse rolling in the sand 🙂


  10. Wow amazing pics, and wonderful place. Love it!!!!
    Kisses love

  11. Wow, beautiful photos!! I love your blog, makes me happy! 🙂

  12. Beautiful post..kisses

  13. Wow, you’ve been to Malawi, i don’t think I would survive there! you are very brave to handle all those flies and that hotel, lol! But I guess you have to experience all types of different things while exploring different countries.

    • Yea, nobody believe I could survived traveling to Africa . When I first told my friend I would traveled to Africa, they all told me not to go:P..BUt I SURVIVED and I am so glad that I went!!! And I will go back again:)..ahahaha. And this time is WEST AFRICA!!!

  14. The only thing I can say is: WOW ! =D

  15. Looks awesome. I especially love the photos with the horses on the beach.
    trishie recently posted..12 things: new recipesMy Profile

    • Yea, I have been horseback riding so many time but that was my first time to swim with a horse!! That’s really an unforgettable memories:)

  16. amazing story and pictures. You are the only person i know who slept with milions of flyies, hahahaha respect, dear :)))))

    • ahaha, I was pretty scared I swear. BUt I HAVE NO CHOICE! Sometimes you just have to deal with those SHIT:P

  17. I’d love to visit this place one day, I think it would be very educative for all of us, Great post!

  18. Wow, the hotel is cheap! And those photographs are stunning. I love trip reports, especially photo-heavy ones from places that I haven’t been before. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey, yea, the “hotel” is really cheap cus IT” S VERY BASIC. there are a lot of expensive hotel Africa-Cost up tp $2000/night! I do not believer I can afford that. So, I will see staying at those HUT as part of the traveling experience:)

  19. What an amazing place! The pictures are beautiful! Funny stories too!

  20. I’m crazy for these pictures,honey!Love,looove!;)

    Borjana recently posted..The look of loveMy Profile

  21. amazing post!You’re a good photographer!

    Nuovo post!

    • I am trying to improve my photography skill:)..I am not that good. trust me, but thank you so much:)

  22. eally cool images, great story and journey! I love the lake pic, the horse/water pic with you and the sunrise is beautiful.

    xx chris

  23. It looks amazing, and your pictures are great!

  24. That’s a funny story…..I cannot believe you ignore the flies and just went straight to bed! Won’t you afraid of the flies will bite you or what? Love the Malawi chairs you have BTW.

  25. I love your travels pictures 🙂 they are awesome 🙂
    Karo recently posted..Lady in blackMy Profile

  26. you pics are really fantastic <3
    antonella leone recently posted..Istituto Marangoni : The best way to dream !My Profile

  27. amazing photos, I love horseback riding :))

    Marta recently posted..BicycleMy Profile

  28. This is such a beautiful post! Looks like an amazing country to visit and your trip was a very magical experience.

  29. beautiful place, and I dont believe you managed that horse so well!! Fantastic job

    StyleDestino recently posted..Yayyyy!! Time for a GiveawayMy Profile

  30. beautiful, i see u love to travel n love adventure.

  31. WOOOW you are brave to sleep there, I can’t image myself in the same situation, I will die of hysteric shouting lol.
    Great pictures too dear!
    I have always been meaning to ask which camera do you use, if you wish to share?
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Summer in Greece Part 1 (Photos)My Profile

    • yes…I surprise myself too. But I did screamed for a litte bit:P…you do know I am going to your home country Nigeria right:P

      Regarding the camera I used…it’s varies. I am posting all my past travel and different photos are from different time. frame I recently got a Nikon D90 18-200mm DSLR camera:)…and getting a wide angle for Africa soon:)


  32. Peggy Shu says:

    This is so amazing Tammy. I wish I can travel with you. I love horse back riding too.

  33. Amazing post and great pics…. Participate ‘Fashion Forward’ views on my blog
    Vidhi Gandhi recently posted..Fashion ForwardMy Profile

  34. Stefanie says:

    Incredible post about Malawi. The horse back riding looks like so much fun. I would like to do the same, can you tell me where you went for horse riding (name of the place) and where is this hut you stayed for the night? Thanks, greetings from Malawi!