How to travel the world? Money? Time? Or Courage?

How to travel the world? Money? Time? Or Courage?

So many people had asked me…how can you travel to so many places? You are not scare of traveling alone? You do not need to work?

First off, I want to ask all of you a question that was asked by the famous Chris Guillebeau.Do you prefer to own a SUV or travel around the world? I think a lot of you own 10 or maybe 20 designer bags which probably can support a year of travelling. But are you willing to give up your life and your work to go traveling? There might be a way to have it all-work and travel…..and I am still testing…

It’s a cold world out there:P


(1) Travel mileage

I have explain in my previous post on how to incur 150000 miles with Also, I encourage people to apply credit card that will give you large amount of mileage after spending certain amount of money. Some credit card -eg Bristish Airway give out up to 100000 miles . This way you can use them for 1 return ticket to South America and 1 return ticket for traveling around continental US.

(2) Be a travel Hacker

I first came across Chris‘s blog about 3 year ago when I was researching on how to earn Frequent Flyer Mileage quickly. I still remembered by that time he explained to people how to  earn thousands of thousands of mileage using some special technique. I thought that’s pretty awesome but because I was still a student back then and do not have the “power or money” to do it, so I was NOT that curious about his blog. However, I did noticed this guy was pretty awesome because I thought he was as amazing as me because he travesl as much as me:P oh wait, he actually travels more than me:P But now, I found he is millions time more awesome than me. If you want to know how awesome he is. DO check out his blog or I have link of his books on how to get those free miles or be a travel hacker in here. He has helped so many to redesign their life, to break out 9-5 job and to be a travel hacker.

(3) Invest Smartly

I know a lot of girl like to shop but while you shop, I suggest people to invest something that will increase in value. For example I suggest people to buy 1 Classic Chanel bag rather than to buy 50 generic bag with no brand. Why? Because maybe one day you want to travel and at least selling a Chanel bag might still be valuable. Surprisingly they might  even increase in value.

If you have check out this post, the Hemes Kelly bag I bought 7 years ago already increase in 30% in value. So, as the Chanel Maxi Jumbo bag. Also, check out the Louis Vuitton Trench Coat below, I bought 3 of them in 3 consecutive months about 8 years ago in Paris. the Black one is the cheapest and cost US$1100.

Black LV trench Coat

Then I bought the brown one one month later and it became $1400

Brown LV trench Coat

and the last one-navy blue multi color cost me $1600.

Navy LV trench Coat

However, 7 years later I stumble upon LV store in Soho New York and spot the EXACT same trench cost in black. Guess how much it cost- US $2200!!

Below LV coat I bought in a second hand store in Paris for $600, so I am guessing my trench cost probably cost around $1100 still:)

Lv Coat

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Trench Coats

If investment is NOT and option for you then you might want to check this out-

Michael Wigge

jay leno and katy perry

I had a chance to met up with Michael recently and he is truly amazing! I first knew about him was spotting him shown up on Jay Leno’s Show to promote his book-how to travel the world for free. He said on the show he could earned money by letting people sit on his back!!! Funny!!Well, he is comedian and a film maker afterall. He told me he had traveled to 70+countries but he do not have any goal to travel to every single country. He will take his time and think of something awesome to do. Well, he already did, he gets the challenge to barter from an apple to a house in Hawaii in 200 days! I asked him, what did he gave the owner in exchange for the house, he said, 3 ounces of Gold, 3 ounces of silver, surfboard and some expensive Arts. Awesome!!! I cannot believe people actually can do that! I would love to do something like that someday:). OK, here are some facts about him after meeting up with him in New York-

(1) He used to have a Nigerian Girlfriend

(2) He love to travel and have been to 70 countries so far

(3) He base in Berlin but would love to base in New York Also

(4) Jay Leno paid for 3 nights of  his hotels in LA

(5) He’s active in Couchsurfing and use travel B& B website often

(6) He found a time share room for $35/night in Midtown Manhattan

(7) He do think I have a very interesting life:P-I told him I have been to 7 continents and will have my 2012-2013-trans-Africa trips

(8) he would like to join me in some part of my 2012-2013 Trans-Africa Trip and I would love to have some collaboration with him later-OFCOUSE. If not, see you in BERLIN!!

Travel around the world for free might NOT be for you if you are a girl but you can definitely travel around the world in a budget girl. Trust me, Hostel might sound cheap to some fashionista but it’s the best place on earth to meet up new friends! So, ditch those luxury hotel and forget you are a princess!! Cus at the end of the day it’s YOU who decide whether you want to do the plunge:P

Polar plunge in Antarctica:P

polar plunge in Antarctica
Polar plunge

Do check out some website site for Paid internship around the world and google work and travel website. Hope you guys enjoy this post:) Cheers:)

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  1. Wow this post is amazing! I enjoyed your tips! I really want to travel more. I love the last 2 pictures so much. And it´s really interesting that the coats became more expensive:)
    kisses chris

  2. wow amazing post, lovely pics and lovely coats!!still join us with your pics and post!!good travel!!

  3. Nice tips! I would love to travel too!
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  4. The amount of traveling you’ve done is pretty breathtaking. One day, I hope to be able to travel as much as you do.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
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  5. Hi 🙂 Of course you can take part on my giveaway! I think you can use the online shop if you are the lucky winner!! 🙂
    xoxo Lola

  6. This is amazing, definitly following!

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  7. Oh I love to travel too but my problem is different:). I have two small kids it is impossible to leave them and go…

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  8. Great Post and great blog! I’m following you! Do you watt to’ follow me back?! Tank you!


  9. I loved your post! If i could, I would like to travel all over the world!
    miss luxurylavishlife recently posted..Why visit LondonMy Profile

  10. This is the POST I have been praying you will do one day!!
    I am so glad and grateful for all this amazing information!
    I have been searching for a paid internship anywhere, now that am graduating and I will love to take a year out before my Masters, but I also need some money to sustain me during that period.
    Thank you so much!!!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Summer in Greece Part 2 (Photo)My Profile

  11. I wish I had time to travel. I probably have some money that I could save if I didn’t shop so much, but I really don’t have time. School pretty much rules my life.

    Bonnie (@GlamKitten88) recently posted..Obnoxious Teal Booties – Photo ShootMy Profile

  12. Funnily enough I barely own any designer items, I have some D&G glasses but aside from that I am pretty thrifty!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  13. Wauw that first photo! Love it!!

  14. Need to new if my Prada bags are more expensive now!, hahaha love your pics!

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  15. Great post! I love the pictures! 🙂

  16. Great post, thanks for your tips! Love the Antarctica photos! 😀
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  17. Great post! Such useful tips! I totally agree with investing in designer handbags! I recently quit my job and went traveling and have no regrets! But I’ve never been to the Antarctic! Following you on bloglovin’ 🙂
    R xo
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  18. antonella c'est moi says:!!!beautiful photos…kisses

  19. Great post. I like the tips.
    Travelling is so much fun, but i do not travel very far/by plane anymore. We have a dog, and we take her with us, so we travel by car. That’s easy in Europe, so you can see a lot of countries :-).

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Last weeks arm candyMy Profile

    • ah..nice:) I would love to travel Europe by car too..I heard it’s way more interesting than travel by train cus you got to see more:)….Will indeed research on that:) Thanks

  20. Hi 🙂

    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog.
    I would love to follow you on gfc but i don’t see it on your blog.Soo i follow you via bloglovin.

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  21. hi dear tammy!!!
    thanks so much for this interesting post!
    i do agree with every words from you and i ‘ll ry to follow your suggestions and link,
    curioisly my obession for blogging has started reading an italian travel blog ;))
    it’s probably is a sign;))
    i know many girls who prefers spending all the money for bags but they didn’t travel a lot..:(
    this is sad, travelling i’ve learnt how to save money !
    yes i love fashion but i do prefer a trip that buying all the low cost collections,
    is better to have good clothes than too much cheap clothes ,
    my job is not regular right now, but one day i hope to became a true great super traveller like you !!!

    many kisses to you i0m going to suggest your blog to a friend who loves travelling a lot!!
    kisses. AMY

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  22. I think this is a great post!! I enjoyed reading it and i will consider the idea of selling one of my bags!

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  23. love it!
    Clara Turbay recently posted..VIVE HOYMy Profile

  24. This post is awesome! Very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing with us! I enjoy your posts! Thanks for having this blog and sharing with us this exciting life of a traveling girl on a budget! 😉 You are awesome!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Monday Dinner at Fig & OliveMy Profile

  25. Very informative Tammy! I love your Louis Vuitton collection of coats! I agree that in order to travel more, you got to be smart! For example, I agree to obtain a credit card that will allow you to earn points which you can redeem for free or discounted travel. I have a male friend who travels a lot but stays in Hostels and B & B. He doesn’t eat out but cooks his meal in the hostel. There are many ways to make it happen. All it takes is courage, determination and creativity.

    By the way, with regards to your last comment to my blog today, are you Canadian? Did you live in Toronto previously? You can send me an email if you wish. Thanks.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Marty’s World Famous CafeMy Profile

    • Hey..yea, if you ck out my about page, you will see I did immigrated twice(one to Toronto and one to NYC) in my life:P. I am a passport collector:P

  26. great post! i was wondering the same thing (do you even work or are you always on the go?) actually. also, great pic taking the plunge in antarctica. I can’t believe you did it! How was it?!
    Diana recently posted..Off The Beaten Path In Argentina: Quebrada De Humahuaca & PurmamarcaMy Profile

  27. great post!! I think once anyone starts travelling they will fall in love with it and want to do it more and more. It’s like an addiction!
    the LV trenchcoats are very beautiful 😀
    Tiffany recently posted..273. Be@rbrickMy Profile

    • yup…it’s totally an addiction:)…but traveling also teach you a lot of things…right? so it’s a good thing:)

  28. omg! tammy i wanna travel like you, i learnt alot from your post especially, buying values like lv &etc for keeps, later they add value and could earn u so much. i did lurv to travel the world someday. your trench coats re so beautiful&classy, you re def an inspiration. your pink swim suit is beautiful.
    this post is gonna sink straight into my brain.
    thnks tammy for the share u rock!!!

  29. Cute tips!!!^^
    i like to travel too 😉

    Aitana recently posted..Vogue Fashion Night Out!!My Profile

  30. It’s really an investment piece!Love it!

    Borjana recently posted..BirthdayMy Profile

  31. Love your trench! Wish I could travel more but unfortunately I don’t have enough time and money.

  32. Loved this post! I agree on investing in designer goods instead of buying 100 different generic branded bags too. I often struggle with the save money/go travelling debate but seeing as I live in London I have to take the most of the travel opportunities. I’m off to Croatia this weekend 😉 Any tips let me know!

    Tien xo

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  35. I am finally beginning to understand the whole ‘Invest Smartly’ thing when it comes to shopping. Now I’m saving for a super gorgeous pair of expensive boots that are far more worth it than multiple pairs of low-quality boots. 🙂

  36. I love this post!!!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us 😉
    What you have done is a choice and you’re right…we all have to chose what we want to fill our lives with…whether that be bags, food or travel…
    And I think you’ve done a great job of filling your life with amazing finds, experiences and memories…making your life pretty amazing 😉
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  37. Hi dear, this is a brilliant post, I love all these travel tips and ideas to get further! I am also a lover of travel but sometimes it isn’t possible to go places all the time. This was fantastic travel inspiration!
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  38. Love how you did the polar plunge wearing a ruffled pink bikini! No matter how easy you make the traveling seem, I still think you are incredibly brave. An inspiration! On another note, love your LV jackets.


    Josephina recently posted..SunglassesMy Profile

    •’s NOT easy, I am so scared of the cold…I did struggle a bit:P..but the coldest I had encounter is in the ARCTIC..and it’s NO JOKE!!!!

  39. Love this post. Very instructive. I hope be able someday to do these wonderful trips like you.

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  40. Yikes! You did the polar bear swim!?!! Good for you, that takes courage!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  41. AWESOME TIPS!! Thanks so much for sharing them! They all made a lot of sense! I really, really want to travel around the world too and I would definitely rather travel than own expensive material items like fancy cars. I’ve never been out of the USA and I’m already in my 20’s. I think it’s time for me to start saving or whatever I need to do to see another country. THAT is now my ultimate goal for the next 5 years.
    Victoria recently posted..London Calling MeMy Profile

  42. i discivered travelling couple years ago, unfortunately because of the kids we can’t travel for a long time. when they become bigger we can travel together 🙂

  43. Thanks for sharing all these great info about travelling smart dear. But the pics from your LV items…..made me cry like a baby cause the objects of desire are really hard to get…
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  44. Lovely post!!! great info!!! can’t wait to see more!!! xxx

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