Honduras-Funny and Scary

Honduras-Funny and Scary

I had the most terrifying experience while trying to cross the border in Honduras. But still I managed to laugh myself out and enjoyed the greatest moment in my life:P Well, sometimes you got to do what you’ve got to do:P AND..they have the best cigar IN THE WORLD!!!!ahahaahhaha!!!! How can I NOT like Honduras:P

honduras cigars

Hm..hello, the words on my North Face backpack started to peel off and I had to write it back myself..oh wait, I think I spelled the words wrong:P

north face

My story began while me and my friend tried to cross the border from Belize to Honduras. The chicken bus we took supposed to cross the border before dark, but we didn’t know the driver will drove around the city to pick up and dropped off local people for 1 1/2 hours. Byt the time we got close to the border, it’s already dark and pouring rain outside. After we crossed the border of Belize, the bus suddenly stopped and a group of people jumped into the bus. They said we had to get off and followed them to cross the border because the bridge was blocked!! We were so scared because we didn’t know whether they would tried to rob us or what after we got off. It’s so dark and rain heavily outside we couldn’t even see anything outside. So, I told the driver WE WOULD NOT FOLLOWED those people. He must drove us back to Belize and find a hotel to stay that night. I told him we just crossed the border and a lot of people saw us on YOUR bus. So, after some argument, he finally agreed to drove us back to belize!!! Phew…That was a long day, we even ran out of money for the hotel but luckily we found an ATM nearby!!! That’s was a long nite!! So, the next day , we tried to cross the border again and we found this-

broken bridge at Honduras

The bridge collapsed because of heavy rain!!!! Holy, I was so glad I didn’t try to cross the border that night!!!..CUS we need to took a boat to cross the river…hello….in the dark???!!!! are you serious??!!!

boat at Honduras border

It’s a VERY good learning experience for me! After that..life goes on:P

village at copan honduras

At Copan Honduras, there’s a lot of Mayan pyramids but ofcourse NOT as impressive as Tikal Guatemala!!

pyramid at copan honduras

I bought 2 Statues from copan:P…they were in my sunroom with my other collection from around the world.

statue at copan honduras

I got bitten by a PARROT!!!

At Honduras
Edgymix at honduras

I got my earrings and ring from Honduras.(see above pictures) Cheers Everyone:)

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  1. This story is incredible! I was really afraid when the group of people jumped into the bus! I just googled Honduras and want to read more about it. The parrot is so cute. hello and the cigars…haha 🙂
    kisses chris

    • yup..It’s pretty scary cus me and my friend DON’t speak Spanish at all. We do not know what he want and we were NOT sure whether they want to kill or rob us. Thank god everything was fine at the end:)..and the cigar…ahahah imagine a girl sucking it:P

  2. I love your travels pictures. This one with the parrrot is so cool

  3. Haha great story! Loving the photos!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Le marché Français: c’est super!My Profile

  4. Haha, love the photos. You are just having such an amazing time!

    xo, Yi-chia

  5. looks like fun!


    lucia recently posted..MAXI LOVEMy Profile

  6. What a frightening story!

  7. wow, pretty terrifying story. you have a good intuition 😉 good thing you didn’t go cross that bridge that night. I am glad you are safe and having the time of your life. amazing photos and stories 😉

    Diana Marks recently posted..Stylish UGGs?My Profile

  8. hi dear tammy!!!
    how r you ?
    honduras must be amazing , in italy we have a silly realty made in honduras 😉
    mazing stones, parrots and unbelievable bread….
    thanks you to for your support;))
    love you too;))
    many kisses from Italy!!!

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Fiori Francesi Fall/Winter 2102 /2013My Profile

  9. Wow, that was some extreme night travelling there!!! I bet you were scared! You chose the best solution, going out in the dark with those strange men and cross the river in a boat while it was raining was definitely not a good idea.
    Travelling really is hard sometimes, but it makes the journey more special 🙂 Glad you got safe to the other side!
    Fashionthroughtravel recently posted..H&M Autumn 2012 Ad CampaignMy Profile

  10. great places, I hope to go there one day!!
    tatty recently posted..15′ AUGUSTMy Profile

  11. Great ending to a scary story!
    Wonderful and adventurous pictures!!!!
    Have a great day honey!
    Check your email.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..My Big Greek Vacation HaulMy Profile

  12. Oh haha those cigars!! Love it, they make a great present! Tried one!?

    • ahahha..Nope…wouldn’t want to suck it..oh, i mean smoke it!!! ahahahahahaha. But I did take picture of me attempting to suck those cigar….cannot post in here though!!!a ahahhahah

  13. The parrot picture is sooo funny!!!
    Thankfully, you did the right thing and followed your gut feeling to NOT go out in the dark with strangers…better to be safe than sorry 😉
    Great story!!
    Martha recently posted..Why I love Kiss My Face…My Profile

  14. You made the right decision. Good thing the driver agreed to drive you back. Your travels are always fun and memorable adventures!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Marty’s World Famous CafeMy Profile

  15. You always have the best travel photos!


  16. I always love your pictures! You’re probably the most adventurous person I know of! I want to be like that someday 🙂
    Victoria recently posted..London Calling MeMy Profile

  17. What an amazing story. Beautiful pictures too. I am so jealous of your carefree travelling life! x
    Rachael C recently posted..New Look #HolidayHop CompetitionMy Profile

  18. love the bird – great shots

    megan, tfdiaries.com recently posted..Laced LadyMy Profile

  19. lol – bitten by a parrot! how did honduras compare to some of the other central american countries you’ve been to? did you like Belize? I went there and I thought it was “OK”….
    Diana recently posted..Off The Beaten Path In Argentina: Quebrada De Humahuaca & PurmamarcaMy Profile

    • I love Guatemala the MOST. Antigua Guatemala is SO beautiful and there’s lots of things to do! The mountains are just beautiful and the MOST IMPORTANT, there’s a lot of things to shop!!! ahahah. Caribbean part of Honduras is beautiful too but it’s just like Caribbean….touristic and pricey!! Regarding BELIZE…erike!!! Long story. My main goal in Belize was just to dive in the BLUE HOLES. I had some pictures on my previous post regarding wet suits. I agree Belize is just OK, their transportation system is retarded!! Long bus ride with no other options! And if you want to take a taxi, it’s very expensive!!! I took a 30 mins ride it cost me US $70!! The water is amazingly clear though, I went snorkeling with the ray and manatee . Blue hole diving was disappointing cus there’s nth much to see down there. I saw some shark and a few fishes..that’s it. It’s just a blue hole afterall but it’s a great experience!! My story started with a hurricane I encountered in Belize..will talk about that later:P..cheers

      • blue hole sounds awesome. I went to Belize hoping I’d get to see the blue hole but since I don’t dive, it was super expensive (like $500) for me just to get a tour of the blue hole so I didn’t see it… I went to Ambergris Caye and thought that was “alright”…

        • $500??? Really, does it include helicopter ride or what? Why so expensive? 2 tank dives was only $250!!! Wow..that’s a rip off! I didn’t see the whole blue whole too since I am just taking a boat to dive. when the people told us we already arrive the rim of blue hole, it’s NOT pretty at all! A polish guy I met there said he was so disappointed!!! There’s nth to see down under!!! I guess if you don’t see that up from the sky, there’s nth special about this blue hole!!!! I do not have a”thing” for this country ..sorry:P

  20. oh, and btw, that cigar pic is HILARIOUS. OH.MY.GOD. hahaha you HAVE to have more pics of it (maybe just not post-appropriate? haha).

    • lol…when I first saw them I was laughing so hard too!!!..yea, i had more photos of me trying to pretend sucking it!!!….aahha, I don’t think I will post it though:P

  21. big adventure 🙂

    just me recently posted..Mustard shortsMy Profile

  22. wow…what a trip!!!
    fantastic reportage!
    a big kiss my dear!!!!
    marina di guardo recently posted..An undiscovered paradise : Gili Islands.My Profile

  23. oh my….You have been so smart and brave!

  24. So nice!
    fashionhypnotised recently posted..PASTELS: MINT AND PINKMy Profile

  25. omg that thing in the first pic is a cigar? hahahah too funny
    that sounds so scary!! luckily it worked out in the end though. it’s always good to trust your instincts and better safe than sorry
    cute statues!

  26. Phahaha, the beauty of traveling around the world is getting in all kind of freaky situations 😀 Well, maybe not beauty, but still an adventure 😀 Happy that everything turned out good for you guys :*

  27. Wow, what an interesting and adventurous travel experience. Seeing that bridge collapsed, you made the best choice to turn back. Love to read your posts!
    Manases Andrea recently posted..Stripes and gradientMy Profile

  28. Amazing, great country 🙂
    Ula recently posted..Croatian towns.My Profile

  29. You have just given me the most serious case of wanderlust ever. This sounds like such an interesting vacation; though I can’t believe that parrot bit you!! 😛

  30. Wowww…you are a courageous person!
    What a story…it’s good when it’s a happy end!
    I like a lot your photos!
    Have a nice day!

  31. seriously tammy!!!! oh dear oh dear, my dear heart was pounding while reading. you had to cross to that bridge that night? OH SUGAR! I TELL U SOMETHING, in that rain am gonna be sweating like mad lol.
    thank God u never tried crossing, although i really loved the pictures here they are fun, loving the pyramid pictures and wall drawings. that parrot didnt wanna let go hahaha!!!!
    you inspire darl, well done sweets.
    hugs+ many kisses

  32. Well, i have never been to Honduras but i must confess that the first pic is just the greatest ever!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  33. Incredible story. I can imagine that it was very scary. A story to remember ;-).


    P.s. my Ash boots were 300 Euro’s, but i got a discount code for 60 Euro’s discount :-).
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..New in | Ash Titan studded biker bootsMy Profile

  34. very funny pictures!
    Ako recently posted..PowrotyMy Profile

  35. antonella c'est moi says:

    Amazing photos kisses

  36. Hi dear, that does sound like a really scary experience, so glad it all turned out well in the end. Aw no, the parrot is cute but can’t believe he bit you!
    Sam recently posted..Friday FrillsMy Profile

  37. Hahaha Tammy that was a great adventure you had 🙂 Come to India some time!

  38. I cant believe you got bitten by a parrot! LOL. Anyway, looks like an amazing trip!

    Courtney recently posted..Ruffle BlueMy Profile

  39. Fabulous pictures, the last one is so cute 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Red lips and doughnut !!My Profile

  40. Fantastic dress! Thank you for your comment. I’m very surprised that you read my notes with attention
    I’ll try to write more in English or French to be understood by everyone. 🙂
    Ako recently posted..PowrotyMy Profile

  41. i’m not a photographer, but i love the photography so much!

    sveva recently posted..Back To The CityMy Profile

  42. Don’t worry about your typo! My english is not very well so this doesn’t disturb me 🙂 I watched the movie “Hotel Rwanda” several times and cried.

    In Poland, I live not far from the Belarusian border. In my country, we suffered a lot, not only from the Nazis but also from the Russians – you know about the concentration camps for polish people?
    Each country has its own black card in history…
    Now I live in Belgium and pictures on my last post come from Brussels, Merode area;
    regards 🙂
    Ako recently posted..Łuk Tryumfalny, Merode – każdy ma swój Pałac KulturyMy Profile

    • I love talking to you!!!!. I have been to both Belgium and Poland!! I actually have been to a concentration camp in Poland but since it’s not related to my blog so, I didn’t post it. You know china had been invade by japan and many countries too so I know war made people suffer. That’s why when I went to Africa, it impact me SO much!!! I always though African people are so poor because their land are NO GOOD. But it’s not. There’s tons of resource over there, but it’s just civil wars..lots of them make people suffer. I was really really so sad about this!!!. I had seen many European try to make up by supporting those Africa child because of their guilt!!! I think this is NO good because this actually spoil them because nobody actually tell them what happened! They do not even know European once make their people as slave….so many thing!!!Being traveled to Africa really impact me so much. And you know I have a page on my blog talk about a campaign I want to do for African people during my upcoming 10 month trans-Africa trip. I really really want to help them , also to explain to them what is the right thing to do:))) I mean history is already past, it’ doesn’t mean any ethic is bad. I love people from every country. It’s just i would love Africa people to know they must stop fighting…NOW an be strong..and not to destroy the beautiful mother earth:)

      Sorry for having such a long comment. Have a nice day:)


  43. Tammy, I hope I will see as much plases as you have seen, some day. It relly enriches the soul and broads the mind, I believe…
    Thank you for sharing!