Beijing-Olympics Spirit

Beijing-Olympics Spirit

Some of you might know my site was down yesterday! I was devastated and don’t know what to do. IT happened when I tried to update my function PHP and stupid Blue Host told me to retore my site when my site went down. But they didn’t restore it properly and I ended up losing 2 posts and comments! Well, that’s NOT important since I can always re-post it. But I also lost some of the design! Like my top menu was gone and the footer and some weird things happened. But at least I can still post, still alive and still can see and hear! We are all very lucky already. So, shit happen but life still go on. I want to thank some of you who gave me support and I wish we can all be friends and hope to see you all someday:)

Beijing held the Olympics game in 2008 and I had a chance to visit all those sites in 2009. It’s fasinating to see all those buildings/stadiums because they are really quit unique. Enjoy:)

great wall of China
bird nest plus water cube-beijing
bird Nest at Beijing
at tiananmen square, beijing
at beijing with friend

Beijing is one of the destination of my Trans-siberian Journey. I have lot of great memory in here:)

Trans-mongolian train at Beijing

After seeing the olympics, I have learned that–Even though your failed, you need to finish the competition. I understand how devastated when the athletic trained so hard  to compete with others but one mistake made them failed. All they could do was to finish their task and learned from their mistakes.  Hopefully that can improve themselves later and compete again.

I made a mistakes on restoring my site which I should never had done. I should just go to FTP and change some code . It’s all part of the learning experience. I am waiting for my guy (Naill Doherty) to help me set up my site again. He is the best and hopefully he can restore my site back to normal again:) Finally, I hope everyone all the best:)  Below are  6 things I want to share with you all. IF you can do below, then you will have a fulfilling and happy life always:)

(1) smile all the time

(2) Give a lot

(3) Don’t expect too much from people

(4) learn from mistake and do not give up

(5) Don’t hate

(6) Be kind to people

Cheers Everyone:)

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  1. beautiful post =D

  2. love the positive attitude. I hope you share more pics from your trans-Siberian journey!

  3. Hi dear lovely images! I have 3 little awards on my blog for you:D
    xx chris

  4. I went to London last weekend and visited the Olympic Park there, A – MA – ZING.
    Very impressive architecture 🙂
    I’ve heard they are going to sell some of the buildings to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics 🙂
    The above pictures of China are really cool too!

    I’m glad you website is working again! Keep doing what you’re doing girl!

    • Really really appreciated everyone’s support. I will try not to give up easily:P Post some pics of your travel to london later:) Would love to see them:)

  5. Lovely post dear! I am glad you are in good spirits 😉 I would love to visit China..

  6. That looks like such a cool place to visit! Great photos!

  7. How gorgeous and fun does this look? I love traveling, and you’re so lucky to have checked out this area! Love your tips for happiness, too! 😉

    Anthony Carmen recently posted..What I Wore Wednesday-Checkered Prints with a Slouchy TeeMy Profile

  8. hi dear tammy! i’d really like to visit the old china wall!!! amazing!!!
    i’ve got 5 horses, and the horses in one of the last post unfurtunately are not mine,
    just parents of my horses, but they are lucky they life with a good person who feeda and care them;)) i have 3 girl horses, and 2 boys horses;))
    kiss, amy

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Again Horses: InspirationMy Profile

  9. beautiful photos Tammy! kisses!:)

  10. Always amazing pictures;)

    Borjana recently posted..TomboyMy Profile

  11. Great post, and i love the pictures. The Chinese Wall is high on my wishlist. Hope i can go there some day.


  12. love it! I was in Beijing right before the Olympics and visited many of the premises!

  13. These pics are amazing, I am sorry about what happened on you pc!

    Francesca R recently posted..Red passion and blog on vacationMy Profile

  14. Cheers to you Tammy! Keep the faith. Every thing will be alright. Your pictures of the Olympic Stadium and the Great Wall are stunning.

  15. Great post and photos!!!kisses

  16. lovely pics 🙂 ps: Iìd like to go in cina a day <3

  17. Oh the joys of blogging and hosting your own site hey? Great post! I have fond memories of the Great wall of China too xo

    Tien xo

  18. Love the photos! Looks like it was an amazing trip. I like your list… several things I needed to be reminded of, so thank you for sharing!!

  19. Lovely pics sweetie!:) Very nice blog! Don’t give up.

  20. hii! love your blog!! i’m following you on bloglovin now

  21. amazing pictures, always exited to see your post, sure u had great fun.

  22. Oh no, I’m glad your site is working again! I’m so bad at tech stuff, so glitches always freak me out. It looks like you’re enjoying the Olympics!


    Live Learn Eat (@LiveLearnEat) recently posted..And You Thought Girl Scout Cookie Season Was Over…My Profile

  23. What an amazing experience! Totally agree with your entire list for life … 7. NO REGRETS

  24. Beautiful pictures and a lot of good remembers for me ! 🙂

  25. You always have such amazing photos!

  26. Great post Tammy! I’m happy your site is back online, love looking at all your photos and cheerful posts!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Het regent awards!My Profile

    • Hey Michelle, Thanks so much. I am glad my site is up and running also:P..Glad I didn’t give UP:)

  27. amazing..wish to see it live one day..but only see it on tv….love ur blog Tammy..added you in my G-circles..

  28. i’m glad everything with your site is ok. amazing photos and experience as you alway show us in your posts 🙂 love it

    just me recently posted..Zara shortsMy Profile

  29. those are great rules to live by!
    beautiful photos – I really love going to China. ooh you’ve been on the Trans-Siberian railway?? that’s one of my biggest travel goals 😀

  30. FABULOUS!!!!!!
    Did I mention I LOVE YOUR LIFE.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Summer in Greece Part 1 (Photos)My Profile

  31. Peggy Shu says:

    I have been there too.

  32. I love your post, those photos are really nice!!!