Argentina-At the End of the World

Argentina-At the End of the World

I have been to Argentina 3 times, every time was different. Why? Because Argentina is huge and Argentina is Beautiful. The last time I went to Argentina was for my Crossing the Antarctica Circle Cruise. We need to board the cruise at this small and charming town call Ushuaia. It really is the end of the world and it’s Stunning. You will see some variation in the photos quality below because I went there before and after my cruise.  At the end of the world, everything is unpredictable, esp the weather. One day it can be 70 degree with sunshine and the next day it can be very snowy with temperature drop to 45 degree.


Hiking at Ushuaia


I went shopping for the famous Argentinean Rock-Rhodochrosite. Remember when you go shopping in Ushuaia, do pay with US dollar because it’s cheaper than paying with Argentinean money.

Beautiful necklace I bought in Ushuaia,Argentina

I wore this to Captain Party in Antarctica


My Ship-Ocean Nova

My ship to Antarctica at Ushuaia

There’s a Parade after I got back from Antarctica. It’s so cold that day 😛


Ofcourse I went Diving at the end of the world! My Dive Master and I went outside Beagle Channel with a speed boat and it’s bouncing up and down for almost one story high each time!!! Amazing:P The water is close to Zero Degree so we have to do Dry Suit Diving. What a great experience 🙂

Diving at the beagle channel,Argentina
Jelly fish at beagle channel

D0 you know everything is bigger in cold water because their metabolism are VERY VERY slow. That’s why there’s King Crab in both the ARCTIC and THE ANTARCTIC.

Jellyfish at beagle channel

I didn’t take this photo(my master did), it’s  Leopard seal and it’s extremely dangerous. They killed several people while they dived in Antarctica. Their head are like 2 times bigger than mine!

leopard seal in Antarctica

Cheers Everyone. I did put eyeline on even I went for Scuba Diving:P

Edgymix Dyr suit diving at beagle channel
Octopus at bEagle Channel

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  1. Breathtaking. The colors in the water are amazing. How fun to dive with octopuses!

  2. Wow it looks amazing! Argentina is one of those countries that Im dying to visit!
    Now I want to go there even more 🙂

  3. I love Argentina, such a pretty country and the people too!

  4. Wow,beautiful pictures. I Love your blog. =D
    Amina recently posted..282012My Profile

  5. How gorgeous!!! Completely jealous! Great pictures!

    PS, that leopard seal looks really intimidating! 😉

  6. wow this is absolutely amazing experience. you are so cool 🙂

  7. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I am super jealous!!!

  8. beautiful pics!!! kisses

  9. Wow, your pictures are so mch fun. I want to visit Argentina too:D
    I love the leopard seal pic and your make up under water is perfect!
    xx chris

  10. WOW!Those pictures are a dream!I really enjoyed;)

    Borjana recently posted..Time after timeMy Profile

  11. Amazing pictures!


  12. amazing!It looks like a paradise!
    I’d like to go there now,wow!


  13. what a place! beautiful photos dear! kisses!

  14. Hi doll, my gosh what exquisite photos! I love the natural scenery, it seems surreal. Had no idea what the landscape was like in Argentina and now I am blown away. Aw I love jellyfish (even though they are so dangerous). Have a lovely weekend hun!

  15. So gorgeous! I would love to go to Argentina!

  16. wow stunning photos!

  17. Wow! Your photos are absolutely stunning! I’ve never been there but the photos say it all. Looks like you had an amazing time xx

  18. What a beautiful trip and pictures, I’d love to go there someday. Great post!

  19. Beautiful pictures. I wish i could go there some day.
    Have a happy weekend!


  20. Amazing pics!!! Love your job Tammy. Do you need an assistant?? 😉
    Kisses, and have a nice weekend!!!

    Colour2003 recently posted.."Liebster Award"My Profile

  21. Great one!!!!!!
    Am loving all these!!!

  22. Looking at these pics makes me want to go on vacation!

    such an amazing place must be Argentina!!!
    love the pics;))
    kiss, amy

  24. an incredible journey! stunning underwater photography! I’ve never been in this part of the earth! very nice post!
    Diana recently posted..In my garden are ripe dressesMy Profile

  25. an incredible journey! stunning underwater photography! I’ve never been in this part of the earth! very nice post!

  26. Omg such beautiful pictures!! Whos the pic with the octopus on them, were they afraid?

  27. remyvixen Rose says:

    WOW, stunning pictures and you look lovely!

  28. Great pictures! Looks great!

    vintagelillies recently posted..Blueberry BlissMy Profile

  29. So beautiful!! *o* You are so lucky!! I follow you everywhere! Thank you 🙂

  30. Wow, amazing pics, great places, kisses

  31. Wow, breath taking. I would loooove to go to Argentina! Buenos Aires, Patagonia, preparing for an Arctic cruise: it’s sooo awesome! And you look so pretty at the Captain Party! Can’t believe you’ve been to all these amazing countries already. They are still there waiting on my bucket list for me to come and discover ‘m 😉

    • Arctic Cruise?! Where are you going? For how long? Up to where? North pole or cross Arctic Circle? Are you going to see polar bear?? Let me know!!! I Will go back to the Arctic too cus I have not spot any polar bear. Yea, there’s so much to do:P

  32. Beautiful place…kisses

  33. Great pics and very well written… awesome post

  34. I’ve always wanted to go to Patagonia and then move on to Antartica. Lovely pics . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

    bridechic recently posted..BEHIND THE SCENESMy Profile

  35. wonderful pics and wonderful place!!!! ;D



  36. wow, those are some amazing pics! i totally agree with you that Argentina is so big and different depending on where you visit. Lots of people only think about Buenos Aires (me included in that), but i’m just discovering all the cool stuff the country has to offer! And… I definitely agree with you on the whole use US dollars over the pesos. I totally got jacked on the exchange rate by using pesos. yuck! Oh, the trials of traveling! haha

    • Yup, the exchange rate thing happened to me too!!!!! I was told my the shop owner that I should have use US dollars!!! But damn, i already exchanged for those peso already!!!!Agreed that it’s all part of the learning experience and hopefully someone who spot this post will learn from here;). I will post sth regarding BUENOS AIRES later hey:P

  37. Wow, this is an incredible trip! Your pictures are absolutely amazing! People only see these things in books—you’re so lucky to be able to travel so much!

  38. :))

  39. Love it!!
    Amazing pics,my favourite one is the pic with octupus.Must be wonderful to dive deep into the sea. 🙂

    Sara recently posted..FABULOUS FINDS | SweatersMy Profile

  40. i never been in Argentina, so thanks a lot for nice relation frm this trip; amazing photos, great colors, a lot of inspirations! very well done! 🙂

  41. AMAZING. I can’t get over how beautiful and clear the water looks
    trishie recently posted..12 things: new recipesMy Profile

  42. Oh so beautiful!

  43. WOW I wanna be there now hahah
    Great post dear ! Greetings from Macedonia :*

  44. Amazing pictures!!!! I would love to be able to travel more, it’s one of my favorite things. Great blog! 😉

    I’m now following you 😉 xx

  45. WOW!
    Stanislava recently posted..It’s a man’s worldMy Profile