Antarctica-Natural Beauty

Antarctica-Natural Beauty

Antarctica scenery is breathtaking, the photos speak for itself 🙂

My Antarctic Playground

Cruising to Antarctica is pretty intense. First you have to cross the Drake passage which the wave can throw the ship up to 10 stories high and cause people to have extreme sea sick. Then you have to wake up almost every day at 6am , have breakfast. Then put on your parka jacket,life jacket and waterproof Boot and head to board the Zodiac boat. After landing, normally are intense hiking, walking and talking to the penguin:P. There are normally 2 landings per day and after that, people get back to the boat to have dinner. Sometimes when there is no landing, there will be lecture regarding Antarctica-pretty intensive. Well, I am just talking about in general, form my experience, the drake passage was calm as hell, the hiking was fun, and I met tons of new friends..including the penguins:)

Floating Ice in Antarctica
Ice color in Antarctica
HUman and Penguin in Antarctica
British Station IN Antarctica
Breathtaking Antarctica

Below are the oldest ship cruising to Antarctica and it’s still running. It’s a lot slower than normal cruise cruise ship but I guess a lot of Europeans enjoy taking it slow to Antarctica.

Amazing lanscape in Antarctica
Antarctica sunset

Cheers Everyone:)

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  1. Oh my gosh, those pictures are stunning! That is so stunning and beautiful. Wow!

    • Hey Francisca, Yes…it’s really stunning. So many people go back after visiting Antarctica for the first time….including me:)

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Ugh, I’m dying with envy! I want to go to Antarcticaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙁 I would probably die there though, can’t take the cold, but still 😀

    • When I went there, it’s around 22-29 degree Celsius:))) When the weather is good, it’s NOT cold at all in the summer time! Well, I guess no tourist can go there during winter time except for the scientist and research people. So, I guess you will survive….go:)..You won’t regret it:)

  4. Hi Tammy! wow these photos are just breathtaking! Kisses dear!

  5. indeed breathtaking scenery!!

    Alessandra recently posted..Summer slow the f 🙂 downMy Profile

  6. wow!!!! amazing capture! love it!

  7. So breathtaking! The wonders of God through nature. Truly a memorable experience for you. The penguins must be so cute!

    • They are REALLY REALLY very cute, they will walk in front of you and tried to take a look at you. Also, sometimes they will slip while they walked…so funny:)

  8. Amazing photos! I love the penguins!

    • I love the penguins tooo, but there’s also whales, seal and all kind of different animal. Do check out my other post:)

  9. wow… no words to describe it – stark yet stunning. You’re so lucky to be able to travel like this and capture all these memories!

    Tien xo

    • Yes, I feel so blessed:) I suggest everyone should go there at least once in their life time:) Cheers

  10. Wow, you were there! That´s amazing! I want to visit it too. That´s one of my fave post on your blog. The images are so beautiful.
    kisses chris

  11. What a great experience!

    • It’s really is an unforgettable experience for me, the places, the hikes we needed to do everyday —-just to spot the breathtaking landscape from the top of the mountains!!! Unbelievable:)

  12. Beautiful! Want want want!

  13. You have an amazing blog, all these beautiful pictures are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing this beautiful places, this world hides a lot of beauty, we just have to find them!
    Manases Andrea recently posted..I am backMy Profile

  14. Oh my god! What an amazing shoot! These pictures are really gorgeous! 😀

  15. Wow this looks so cool!

    • it looks really cool…but not cold at all during the summer time where the tourist normally go:0)…and yes. I see myself as a tourist in Antarctica:P…cus only the penguin can say they are NOT:P

  16. As much as I dislike the cold, this is absolutely gorgeous! Your pictures are breathtaking! It is truly a magical place.

    • Hi Amy, I did experience a bit of cold while the weather gone bad. There’s snow and wind and while you board a Zodiac and try to do a landing. it’s kind of tough. Also, I did camping one night and that night was freezing cold. Well, it’s part of the experience although I will NEVER DO THAT again. other then that, most of the time it’s like summer in NY:)

  17. Dillys Chan says:

    wow…amazing! I really wanna know how you can travel so much! And you’r so pretty:). Love your blog:)

    Greeting from Hong Kong.

    • Hey, thanks for visiting. Yes, too many people had asked me how can I travel that much. I had met up with so many cool people recently and I will have a post soon to let you guys know how to travel in a budget and as a solo female traveler:)

  18. Incredible!! How lucky you are to have traveled here! WOW!

  19. Just love what you do girl. Keep it up. Photos are amazing:)

  20. The photos are stunning! I’ve never thought of going to Antarctica because I can’t stand the cold (strange for a Canadian!), but it sure looks beautiful in photos. 😉

    • hey Audrey, Thanks for visiting. NOrmal people can only go there during the summer time which is NOT cold at all:)..I can wear tee shirt just like summer time. You can check out my other Antarctica post(outdoor style post) and you will know:)


  21. I wish that one day i will have the change to go and see this amazing place.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark
    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..How do you sleep in a hot summer night?My Profile

  22. so breathless, i hate when is cold but this place is magical
    Karo recently posted..dress to impressMy Profile

  23. Amazing pictures!

    Borjana recently posted..Free your mindMy Profile

  24. Well that’s fun, my parents just came back from a travel to Arctic!^^
    Looking the photos, Arctic and antarctic seem so similar!
    Sure this should be a very intense experience, you are so lucky girl!


    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  25. Amazing post! lovely images… I adore the snow.. It is so much fun!

    borka recently posted..Military Inspired…My Profile

    • the snow around where the penguin live is NOT pretty as all, because the penguin eat, shit and live over there:P..other than that, snow are stunning:)

  26. Breathtaking indeed and the images are so wonderful.
    Sounds like you had a blast.
    Cheers hun 😀
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Supermodels at the Olympics Closing CeremonyMy Profile

    • I did, we party every night after landing on the cruise ship:P)..cus we are just like on a normal cruise ship:P drink drink dinkr:P

  27. The landscape is amazing!!!
    I think you really enjoyed your trip Antartica and it is great you made new friends there.
    I think that being there, the impact of these wonderful views was very strong.
    Hugs from Transylvania!

    • wow..I would love to visit you….Transylvania sounds like a cool place to me. Yes, it’s a very good experience…but to be honest, I really feel like I am on a cruise :P…except there’s penguin:)

  28. These images are wonderful *.*!

  29. that is crazy beautiful!!!

  30. awesome pictures,, the place is defnitely beautiful,,, breathtaking!!!!
    StyleDestino recently posted..Peplum Peplum Peplum: Zara + The RowMy Profile

  31. What a great post!
    Following you on Facebook and Bloglovin)

  32. amazing pictures!


  33. These photos took my breath away, what an incredible place with the most beautiful scenery!

  34. such beautiful photos dear!
    Jasmin recently posted..Versatile Blogger.My Profile

  35. The pictures are breathtaking! I can’t believe you saw it all live! It’s beautiful!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Coffee Break at Little Next DoorMy Profile

    • Hey Diana,

      You should go and see with your own eyes also. I promise, it worth more than 5 Chanel bags:P

  36. You’re sooooooo lucky to be able to see all this beauty. most of us will never make it to this magical place.
    bridechic recently posted..RUSTICMy Profile

    • You know I have this question for so many Fashionista!!! Do you want to travel the world or own 5 LV or 5 Chanel bags:P…I believe all of you own an Antarctica trip in your own closet:P//but it’s good, good investment:)..I am sure you will go there one day if you like the photos:)

  37. Your pictures are unfreakingbelieavably gorgeous!! And I suddenly felt cold breeze.

  38. these photos are stunning!
    I’m glad to have found your blog .you’ve travelled to way more places than I have! especially all these off the beaten track places. I’d love to visit Antarctica someday..
    Tiffany recently posted..271. Munich | H’ugo’sMy Profile

    • I love your hotel reviews!!! like seriously. It make me feel like staying in all those luxurious hotels also. I got pampered just by visiting you blog> Love you fellow Hong Kongese!!!!!:))))

  39. This sounds absolutely incredible! I cannot even imagine being able to travel to somewhere so beautiful and remote.
    Shannon recently posted..a store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed.My Profile

    • there’s are just so many beautiful places in this world…..just too little time and too little money!!!!!

  40. gorgeous pics!
    I just looked through your blog and yay you even were in Poland!:-))

    I just started following you on Bloglovin because I can’t find GFC anywhere

  41. These photos are amazing! I’d love to visit Antarctica,everything looks beautiful!
    Stefani recently posted..When I look at you my mind goes on a tripMy Profile

  42. I liked your FB page.
    miss luxurylavishlife recently posted..Eclipse, the biggest yacht in the worldMy Profile

  43. These photos are incredible!

  44. Very beautiful! Thank you very much, dear!

  45. These pics are incredible!! I’ve nevee been there! Thank’s for sharing!

    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..My style 43My Profile

  46. Absolutely amazing pictures!!! love the ones that are all about the ice! xo, Alma

    • you know there’s sth called the old ice? It’s like 1000 yrs old. It’s the snow of the iceberg keep melting and reforming into ice and it’s become one SOLID ice…it’s incredible how nature can do:)

  47. Nice pictures !
    Kisses ♥

  48. Amazing photos, it truly looks like an amazing trip!

  49. Incredible images! I would so love to go there some day! X
    Hannah recently posted..VIDEO HAULMy Profile

  50. Following you on facebook and bloglovin!!!

    Alessandra recently posted..RombiMy Profile

  51. love the photos! totally breathtaking!
    we’re new and would love you to visit our blog and if you like it please feel free to follow us in GFC and bloglovin!

    xoxo. A

  52. great pics! love itt 🙂


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  53. Wow those photos are impresive !


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  54. Amazing! I love it 🙂

  55. really need your OWN travel show!!! Love it.

  56. Amazing pics*
    It seems to be a paradise (in summer,of course) =)
    So cute penguins, love them !
    You travel a lot dear..
    Did you travel to my country already? To Portugal?

    Sara Lopes recently posted..NEW IN | Some stuffsMy Profile

    • Hey yup!! and I am going there again this October….I wanna do canyoning:)…cannot wait!! Your country is SO beautiful:)


  57. hey TammY! i LOVE the last pic! Did you go by yourself? How long was the cruise?
    Diana recently posted..Buenos Aires Closed-Door Restaurants: Secret Restaurants You Have To TryMy Profile

    • Hey, you know what, I have been there’s so good and the second time I got an invite so I have to go again:) but I can give you great tips to travel there for a budget. I can give you emails of who can give you great discount:) and yup..I went by myself:)..normal antartica cruise have 2 types, one is 21 days which will go to Falklands island so it’s longer. Classic Antarctica cruise only last for 10/11 days. The crossing Antarctic circle cruise last for 15 days..but you know it included the arrival day and departure day. We spent 4 days to cross the drake passage, so on board day was actually 9 days only, we spent one full day to cross the antarctic Circle. And you won’t believe that, this crossing antarctica circle trip have only 72 people but 11 of them have been to Antarctica TWICE or MORE!! Why, they want to cross the Antarctic circle and they love Antarctica. BUt obviously 85% of them are over 70 and they love doing cruising:). And to be honest, I really feel like I am on a Caribbean cruise ship(which you know except those Russian ships, most of the ship did cruise around Caribbean before they shift to do Antartica cruise!!)…lol…BTW, I did both with Quake Expedition:)..they are awesome:)

  58. Amazing country! I have never been there!

    Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..Postcards from CalabriaMy Profile