What is Gravatar?

What is Gravatar?

I have to do a special post in here:) cus I saw too many monsters appear everywhere:P well, sorry, it’s my setting but I have no intention to do that:P..trust me:)

Gravatar is a service when user registered an account based on their email address, and upload an avatar to be associated with the account. That mean whenever the user commented on another blog, playing online video games or even voting on American Idol, his/her upload imagine will show up next to his/her comments. OK before I continue, I swear I have nothing to do with Gravatar site and I receive NO commission cus they do not provide any affiliate program:P. Gravatar  gives you a chance  for other people remember you:)Plus, it’s quick and easy. You just need to plug in your email and upload a photo and that’s it. Also, you can upload as many email you want so you can change it like you change your clothes:P I know a lot of people do not know that because they are using Blogger as a platform. But if you intend to make your blog go BIG, you should definitely get one because you never know when you want to change from blogger to another platform:)

So, do you want to be like this??

 or this 

or even THIS:P

 and this

Hope this post make everyone smile and please go and get you own Gravatar  now:)

Cheers everyone

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  1. ha..so maybe I should go and get one:P

  2. Aww thank you for your sweet comment !
    Where is your follow button ? 🙂 xx

  3. Hi! Your blog looks very professional and nice!
    I like your blog, I like your style, everything is fine!
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. Check it out on my blog. xx

  4. WOw an elephant? That’s so cool!

  5. Haha love this post! I also have all these monsters on my blog! I loooove your red top in the pictures! And you’ve got beautiful hair, you know that 🙂 Gonna read your blog now (again, cause I like it so much :))

    • Thank Michelle, I hope one day all the monsters turn back into beautiful girls…or boys:P But you know what, my favorite quote is -if time is unlimited, everything is possible:))) Cheers:))

  6. Red looks so pretty on you and love the pic with you and the elephant.

  7. Awesome blog. At least the monsters are pretty cute!!!

  8. Anna Moore says:

    hahah!!! I love this post! it’s sunny and positive!
    and make me smile indeed! so great!
    with love Ann

  9. so cuuutee

    • Then go and get a Gravatar for yourself:P You can put your cutest picture on it:))

  10. cute little cats 🙂

  11. Really nice blog you have..
    i following you ^^

    keep in touch