Poland-Extreme Style

Poland-Extreme Style

I have done the most extreme stuffs in Poland-Skydiving,Bungee jumping,Kayaking,Vodka bar hopping, Disco dancing all night long and hitchhiking. Although I have been to Poland twice, but I guess my sleeping hours over there might only add up to 3 days only in one month:P Awesome memories that I will never forget. Ofcourse Polish girl are one of the prettiest I have ever seen:) Cheers to Poland:)

skydive in Poland
Skydiving in Poland

Jump off from 78 Feet!

bungee jumping in warsaw poland
bungee jumping off 78 feet in Warsaw Poland
bungee jump in warsaw poland
Bungee jumping in Warsaw Poland

Kayaking in the most beautiful lake of Gdansk! My foot got stuck in the mud and I ended up losing my slippers! I had to walk back to my friend’s home barefoot!! Amazing memories!

kayaking at Gdansk
breath taking lake in Gdansk
breath taking lake in gdansk poland

At the parade in Warsaw:)

Parade At Warsaw Poland

Cheers to Poland:P

Beautiful Polish Girl at warsaw poland
Old town Warsaw Poland
Architecture at Gdansk

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  1. You are so adventurous dude!!! Amazing!

  2. I love how adventurous you are Tammy. You are always doing the amazing stuff. Keep it up.

  3. AAAA! I even look at it’s scary! What height! But it’s so beautiful! Flight and freedom!
    Diana recently posted..Dress with vegetable patternMy Profile

  4. hi! so georgeus!! jajaj so fun this pics
    and increibles
    i invited you to my new shop online

    thechicmode recently posted..ZuaazoMy Profile

  5. You’re so adventurous! I am afraid of extreme sports. It’s very nice you can travel a lot.

  6. A's Fashion Files says:

    I can’t say that I would do everything (hitchhiking!!) but I’ve done pretty much everything else!! Love skydiving!!

    P.S. I’m having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don’t forget to enter! 🙂

    • OH WOW…really. You should try hitchhiking too cus it’s easy in Europe and pretty safe!! I am NOT really hitchhiking in removed places:P..it’s just from a train station to a town on my way back from kayaking to my friend’s place. BUt it’s a lot of fun and many stories to tell. NExt time, we should do adventurous thing together:P…cheer:)

  7. Wow you’re such a dare devil, so awesome! Great photos!

  8. Cheers to polland then!

  9. oh wow! how so cool!!


  10. Beautiful pictures! 🙂

  11. Extreme for sure. Girl, you are more adventurous than me. The kayaking is my speed though. Fun!

    • I believe everyone is adventurous in different way..you can beat me by more adventurous in trying FASHION!..I am sure everyone who love fashion are adventurous enough to try new things:) Cheers to all of you:)

  12. you are so courageous! great pictures!

  13. Hey guys..thanks for all the comments…I know I am posting too often but did you guys noticed this new comment box?? I am so stupid, I have installed this great comment box for a long time but never activated it. A lot to popular blogger have been using this since it will allow YOU..yes YOU to LINK YOUR LATEST POST to this blog so other people can see what’s going on ON your blog easier:)..isn’t that great.

    Cheers to everyone:)

  14. wow! very extreme!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Retro SummerMy Profile

    • hey….it’s easy..you would love the power of it and you need to buy me dinner when I come to LA!!! ahaaahahah

  15. You have don a great and awesome effort.So beautiful and amazing blog.I just came here and found so many cute and gorgeous effort.The pictures are so beautiful and inspiring..


  16. You have don a great and awesome effort.So beautiful and amazing blog.I just came here and found so many cute and gorgeous effort.The pictures are so beautiful and inspiring.

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  17. wow………….you’re so brave!!!!
    incredible pictures!!!!!
    a big kiss my dear Tammy!!!!1
    marina di guardo recently posted..My participation to the 18 e 20 Talk ShowMy Profile

  18. wow, you’re so brave!!! kiss kiss

  19. It looks like an amazing trip!


  20. Wow, it’s really brave of you to do all this, and I’m glad everything went safely. Amazing photos!

    XO, Imke

  21. OMG!!!^^
    scary 😉

    Aitana recently posted..JulyMy Profile

  22. Wooohoo, to the extreme! Glad to see your taking from life with full hands 😀
    Yeah, pollish and russian girls are beautiful!
    Keit recently posted..Desperate hairstyles and some outfits 🙂My Profile

  23. Tammy ,
    that’s great that you spent so lovely time in my home country 🙂
    Karo recently posted..Greys in cloudy dayMy Profile

  24. Poland looks like an amazing city! You are so brave to tackle adventure sports like skydiving! Awesome shots. So excited to hear that you have been to SAfrica! Hope to meet you the next time you visit and show you around
    Sam recently posted..Friday FrillsMy Profile

  25. OMG!! That’s amazing!!! Stunning pictures!
    Kisses sweetie!
    Natalia Vizcarra recently posted..Ready to run!My Profile

  26. You have such an exciting life – wow. So adventurous, I love it 🙂

    MagicMagpie recently posted..Ace Lace!!My Profile

  27. Thank you all for the brave comments…and again..I am crazy:) BUT Cheers to all of you:)

  28. Woaaahhh your a dare devil!
    Nice pics.


    My Scrambled Style recently posted..How to wear track pantsMy Profile

  29. Wow you did shydiving and bunjee jumping!
    You are soooo cool!
    I just did parafly some time ago and i’d like so much to try these too!

  30. Wow, that is waaaaaay cool! You’re so adventurous 😀 Love it!
    I applaud you and am totally following you too on Bloglovin’ 😉

  31. oh my gosh! you are so brave and adventurous! Sky diving looks like so much fun!!


  32. You are so kick ass but I’m sure you already knew that!! I loved Poland when I was there but wish to come back when it’s a bit warmer!!

    Cathy recently posted..Tartine, a dream bakery.My Profile

    • wow..you must went there in the winter..I bet it’s cold:) great country with great people:)

  33. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! I LOVE these photos!

    Meera recently posted..Moments with Meera on IFB Links A La Mode!My Profile

  34. Whaa soo high 😀 scaryy

    Nena recently posted..NEW IN // EAGLE & WHITEMy Profile

  35. You are so adventurous, darling!
    Love these pics!


  36. WOW you are soooooooooo brave. I’ve always wanted to see Poland because my ancestors hail from Kracow! Enjoy it . . .
    Just gorgeous!
    oxoxoxoxo from San Francisco

    bridechic recently posted..A COUNTRY WESTERN WEDDINGMy Profile

  37. wo you are really adventurous person. i used to bundgy jumping years ago.

    just me recently posted..Macadamia natural oilMy Profile

  38. Amazing pictures !! 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Amour Aztèque !!My Profile

  39. Cheers from Poland ;D

  40. I am so envious! I’m not a daredevil, but skydiving is on my bucket list!