Obsession-Cute Cute Cute

Obsession-Cute Cute Cute

If you want to know about me, pls see the photos for yourself-

Edgymix's Cute collection
Cute stuff at home
my kitty stuff
My hello kitty

My Dutch Blue moon cheese wheel–Yummy


Love espresso and cappuccino:)

my espresso set
My own starbuck at home
My hello kitty slipper

The papyrus I got from Egypt; The names of my cats are written on it:)

Papyrus with my cat's name-from EGYPT

Spa at HOME:)

My jacuzzi at home

My Cat’s Bathroom

My cat's bathroom
my cat drinking water from the sink

My pig rabbit on my bed:P

My pig rabbit on my bed

At my living room

Edgymix at home

SO, I got the Liebster Blog Award by hippiechicpao🙂 and I got nominated for an appreciation award by double-ganger. I think I got some other nomination also, BUT I am so bad at keeping track on everything. IF I miss out anyone, please leave me a feedback and I will get back to you ASAP. I will add your link to my blog ASAP:) Ok, I think I need to do something:P….ahahahaha

Here are the rules for the Liebster Blog Award

1. The person nominated must share 11 facts about themselves.

2. The person nominated must answer the questions the tagger (the person who nominated them) set for them.

3. The person nominated must choose 11 people to tag (nominate) and create 11 questions for them to answer. Then they must go to their pages and let them know they were nominated!

There are no tag backs!

The questions I need to answer are:

1. Favorite makeup brand -NARS. I love this brand because they are of really good quality and last all day. I love smoky eyes so much and I find NARS eye shadows will stay forever:)

2. Do you prefer days or nights, This is too hard- I love both days and nights because I can do different thing in different time:P

3. Favorite place to visit This is even harder. I would say anywhere with animal and allow shopping:P Em..that will be any countries in Africa..lol

4. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?  I hope I will still be a blogger and own a company on my own

5. Favorite type of music? Any kind of music:P

6. Professional manicure or at home? I prefer professional manicure because I have really short nail. However because I am waiting to head to Africa, so I am starting to learn how to do it on my own:)

7. Celebrity idol,-NONE, if designers, a lot:P

8. Favorite food -Anything spicy will do

9. Are you allergic to something? NOPE, lucky me

10. Color of your bedroom-Beige and White

11. One dream you’ll like to accomplish in the next year. -Finish my Trans-Africa + middle east trip and hit 100+ countries on my travel list

OK, now I need to nominate 11 people:) Here you go–

http://www.dewereldiseenboek.wordpress.com-The World is a Book

http://www.justwanderlustblog.com-Just Wander Lust

http://www.beautyandthemist.com-Beauty and the Mist

http://www.distinguisheddiva.blogspot.com-SHE GOT HER OWN

http://www.theclothesmuse.blogspot.com-The clothes muse



http://www.thestyleandtravel-journals.blogspot.com-The style and travel journals

http://www.caughtonawhim.blogspot.com-Caught on a whim

<a href=”http://www.error1324.blogspot.com/” rel=”nofollow”>error1324”</a>

And my questions to them are-

1. Favorite food 2. Favorite sport, 3. Favorite place to visit, 4. Where do you see yourself in 1 year? 5. Favorite type of music, 6. Do you prefer a SUV or travel around the world? 7. Do you prefer 5 LV and 5 chanel bags or travel around the world, 8. Favorite animal 9. Are you allergic to something? 10. Favorite color, 11. One dream you’ll like to accomplish in the next year.

Cheers everyone:)


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  1. What! I love so much your Burberry blanket and teddy bear, I wish I could have a spa at home, congrats for the award! You’re post is amazing

    • wow..your reply was like lightening speed!!!! Love it:P..ahahhaha. Thanks for your comment:)

  2. So cute!! I couldn’t see GFC on ur blog, but I am following you on bloglovin (#145).
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  3. Hello, these pics are so cute! Thx for following, I follow via bloglovin/146 too:)
    keep in touch:)
    xx chris

  4. Lovely post!! 🙂 I’m already following you dear!! Have a nice day! Kisses!


  5. Very cute photos!
    Thank you very much for the award! I will definitely post about it, but it may take some time.

  6. Great photos! And thanks so much for nominating me!! I will definitely put it on my blog 🙂 And when I come to the States I’ll let you know!! There’s so much more I wanna see and do over there! Have a great day 😀
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..My ABC: E is van EtenMy Profile

  7. odpowiedziałam na pytania 🙂

  8. Wow, thank you so much for including me in the Liebster Blog award. I will share my answers to your questions soon. Thanks again! Have a great day.

  9. great post, love those cuties.

  10. Very cute pictures! =D

  11. ahahaahah!!! I’m pretty obsessed with Hello Kitty and cute stuff too!^^
    Loooove your cuties!!!


    S recently posted..White summer: some tipsMy Profile

  12. I love that espresso set! And who knew a cheese wheel could be so gorgeous?? I love goat cheese, so I’m sure it tastes delicious 🙂

  13. Oh my goodness. Cuteness overload!!! I love that your cats have their own bathroom. My two puppies pretty much rule our house.

    Annnnnddd… Thanks for the Leibster nomination! Sweeeet! 🙂

    Have an awesome weekend, wherever you are off traveling too…
    Erica recently posted..Feeling green.My Profile

  14. Dear Tammy,
    thank you much for your appreciation! I feel honored and really grateful not as much for the Liebster Blog Award, as for your recognition of my blog!
    According to me this is my real award: you have a reason to come back to my blog and you share that you like it!
    If you want to see my articles about your blog, the award and my answers to your questions,
    I wish you a lot of new awards, a lot of new ideas, many new roads to discover and all the best, sweet amazing walking inspiration!

  15. Great pictures. Your cats are so cute.
    Enjoy your weekend!


    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Now that’s what we call pointy!My Profile

  16. So cute, I love hello kitty!

    xo, Yi-chia

  17. Is this adorable or what?;)

  18. cute pictures! your cats – I love ! have a good weekend 🙂

  19. Cool! I always like reading personal stuff about bloggers. And I love your beautiful Dutch cheese 😉
    Sabine recently posted..TrashFashionista SaskiaMy Profile

  20. lovely pics <3

  21. Thanks for the award, I posted my answers!

    vintagelillies recently posted..Lighten Up Be JuicyMy Profile

  22. My cat do the same thing.
    You are so lucky you travel a lot! Beautiful landscapes.

    Shahrzad recently posted..TGIF 21- Special RamadanMy Profile

  23. Great post!

  24. The panda from the second picture <3
    And your kitties! So cute 😀
    Liliane recently posted..Op reis naar ParijsMy Profile

  25. Wauw they are very cute! Congrats with the award 🙂

  26. Thank you so much Tammy for nominating me!
    Great cute items you got here!
    But since I have done a post on this, I will answer your questions here in the comment box.
    1.Super hot and spicy African meal will do just fine!
    2. Since I am a track and Field Athlete, I will say track & field, but I love all sport!
    3.The World as a whole if i had the money and chance, but I love London.
    4.I hope Sweden in Uppsala having my Master’s Degree and still blogging and a athlete I pray.
    5. Anything creative and tasteful, it depend on the mood and moment.
    6.Travel around the World by far.
    7. I love LV& Chanel, but I will still choose travelling around the World and be penniless.
    9. Only get Spring allergies, and still not sure to what specifically.
    10. All vibrant colours, just not a colour black fan. I hardly own a black clothing item.
    11.Move to Sweden for my Master’s .
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Award Received and AppreciationMy Profile

  27. Great photos!!!


    Elena recently posted..Life in picsMy Profile

  28. awww! such a cute post! I love the last photo 😉

    Diana Marks recently posted..Saturday Lunch at Le Pain QuotidienMy Profile

  29. peggy Shu says:

    so cute!!! very cute:)

  30. hey tammy! i just saw this post! ok, now i know what i’m supposed to do with the award. 🙂 when i get more time, I’ll answer the questions. btw, your cat is SO CUTE. haha, i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fluffy animals.
    Diana recently posted..Hola, From Argentina (With Some Travel Tips, Too)!My Profile

  31. Adorable… Too cute