Japan-traditional style

Japan-traditional style

I have been to Japan 7 times but never get enough of it!!!. There are so many things to do, see,eat and shop. Everyone should at least go there once. I actually been to everywhere but my favorite is still Tokyo:)..why? Of-course because i can shop like crazy. Below are combination of fashion inspirational photos from 2006 and 2009-Enjoy:)

Tokyo Temple festival

Edgymix at Japan
2009 japan festival
Festiavl at tokyo 2009
2009 festiaval at japan
japan festival traditional clothings
japan mother and daughter.

Cute Cute Cute…they are the cutest I have ever seen:P

japanese children

After soaking in ONSEN:)

Edgymix in kimono
edgymix in kimono after soaking in onsen

2006 Japan Firework Festival:)

2006 japan firework festival
firework festival tokyo

Cheers Everyone:)

At Ghibili museum tokyo
at tokyo kittyland

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  1. The last 2 photos are VERY cute…love it:) and the Japanese children on the slide are the CUTEST!!!!

  2. ohh totoro! that’s one of my fav movies 😀

  3. wow I am so jealous! i’ve always wanted to go! love these pictures!

  4. I wish so much to visit Japan, it’s such amazing place!!!
    Your pics are incredible! ^^

  5. You are so lucky!!!
    I ever wished to visit japan, it’s such amazing place!!!
    Your photos are incredible, love especially the last 2!


  6. Wow, I would love to go there! Great pics, you lucky girl!

  7. Ghibili Museum!!I love everything from Hayao Miyazaki!!!! His animations are amazing. The The tororo cat bus is so cute!

    • Me too!!!. I watch every animation by Hayao Miyazaki!!!! he is the best animation maker every!! Sorry to all the US animation maker:P…cheers:)

  8. Nice blog dear!

  9. Great photo’s! So great that you can visit so many countries!


  10. want to go there!

  11. Beautiful photos dear! it definitely is a place to visit!:) Kisses!!

  12. I love the girl dressed as a bird, it’s almost Haute Couture 🙂

  13. what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

  14. love this photos!!! want to go there! but so expensive this travel sigh sigh ! 😉

    • traveling these days is NOT as expensive as you think! hmmm….. I think i am going to start a post on how to travel on a budget later;….and DON”T SHOP TOO much girl!! I agree Japan will be expensive if you cannot CONTROL YOURSELF!!! ahahahhaha:P Cheers:)

  15. amazing place!!!kiss kiss

  16. Nice photos !

    hope you’ve fun ! enjoy !


  17. Cute pictures!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I get most of my pictures from tumblr or weheartit.com. 🙂


  18. Japan ooks like a blast Tammy, I’ll keep it in mind as a great shopping destination. Thanks, TL. Xx

  19. My sister would love this, she loves Japan! Very cute post!

  20. I love Japan!!! :)) soooo cute photos! *u*

  21. very interesting pictures from Japan! I never been there.

  22. I want to go to japan so bad!!!! Wish it was a shorter flight! haha 🙂

    love K

  23. my husband’s dream is to visit Japan. amazing photos.

  24. Just found your blog ! I love Japan – it holds special memories from my visit .. geez almost 10 years ago now. I hope to return one day – it has a unique culture and I think secretly the cutest children in the world 🙂

    Tien xo

  25. Che belle queste foto!

  26. Great pictures!!!!
    Love Japan!!!

  27. Nice post!!!!!!!


  28. great pictures, loving everything!

  29. Amazing pictures!! X

  30. I like so much what you are doing here.

  31. Great pics! Japan is always a great place for Fashion!!! and i love the pics with the cats!!!

    • yea…it is:) There’s so many variety of fashion in Japan you can shop till you dead:P unfortunately byt the time I went there I didn’t take any street style fashion. Otherwise, it will be amazing:)..well, next time:)

  32. Peggy Shu says:

    Love Japan! Everything is so cute over there. So wanna go there now to shop. Their fashion are amazing:)

  33. LOVE the kids uniform…so cuteee!!!
    hope I can go one day… 🙂 Looks amazing ^^

  34. 7 times to Japan?! Lucky Girl! I have never been to Japan and I work for Canon subsidairy ;))

  35. Japan looks like a fun and beautiful place! I hope to visit one day. Lovely blog you have 🙂

    Stephanie xx

  36. Wow, 7 times Japan! That´s amazing I love the images:D The last one is really cute.
    kisses chris