Jamaica-n Style

Jamaica-n Style

last time when I was in Jamaica, their capital city-Kingston was in political unrest. I actually just passed by Kingston and did saw the city was empty and full of garbage. But the rest of Jamaica was vibrant, with lot of cultural activities going around. I love Jamaica– their food, their culture, their music and their drinks-I have the BEST Pina Colada ever in my life over there in Negril!!!. Much better than the one I had in Puerto Rico


And ofcourse I love their craft and all the colorful fabrics-


And the water is beautiful:)


I also tried Cliff Jumping at the Famous Rick’s cafe😛


And took the jet-ski back to my resort:). I did enjoyed my time there and would love to go back:)


because I just love everything involving Africa:)…..hohoho



PS, don’t forget to try their blue mountain coffee when you guys travel over there:)

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  1. it looks incredible! I’d kill to be there right now!

    • Yea, if I have a chance, I would love to go back too:) Food is so good and people are so nice. Needless to say the BLUE mountain coffee taste amazing…even the cheap one:P

  2. Jamaica is beautiful, would love to go there!!

    • yea…Jamaica also have lots of cultural and shopping stuff to do. And the food and drink are all amazing. go go go:)

  3. Looks like you visited my country! Lol. I agree that for tourists Kingston is not the best destination, considering its one of (if not) the most developed places on the island. Glad you had fun here 🙂


    • Yea, Jamaica is actually one of the richest island in the Caribbean:)..Horray to your country:) love it:)