Colombia used to be famous for Guerrilla..well, not anymore. Now, it’s a vibrant and safe city. People there are beautiful and fashionable. If you do not believe me, please go and check it out yourself:)


Check out the shops in Bogota, amazing:)

shop at colombia
shops in bogota
colorful shoes in bogota

Check out the accessories I bought:)

emerald in colombia
accessories I bought in colombia
crazy in bogota
local design from colombia
My colombian hat
craft at bogota

Church built from salt:)


I went to my colombian friend’s sheep farm and took a tour to see how Felt was made from Sheep Wool. We met in NYC while I went to Parsons and she went to FIT and we both LOVE fashion. Now, she is working for a local fashion company in Bogota and is hoping to use Felt to make all kind of fashion accessories. Visiting her sheep farm was the highlight of my trip:)

felt made from sheep wool
felt product
gift from my colombian friend

Ofcourse everyone should party HARD in Colombia:P


Cheers everyone:)



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  1. YOU went to a sheep farm! It must be very interesting. I would love to see how FELT is made too and the sheep are so cute. Great post.

    • Yea. The sheep are so cute and I saw the mother sheep gave birth to a baby. There’s a picture of me holding the baby, that’s the new born:). And It’s try interesting to see how FELT is made from scratch:) Cheers

  2. great post! a lot of amazing photos!

    I just followed your lovely blog and liked this post on Bloglovin. Stay in touch 😉

    • Thanks Diana:) I will try my best to publish post with great contents..umm…photos:P Cheers

  3. oh, that city is amazing! all those colors… fantastic!

    • Colombia is really an amazing place. There’s so many places for people to discover and the local fashion is amazing:) I suggest everyone to check this country out:)

  4. love love love! i like you in facebook fan page!

    keep in touch!


  5. following 🙂

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