Brasil-Rio de Janeiro

Brasil-Rio de Janeiro

Rios de Janeiro-the city of Samba, is charming, sexy and breath taking :). People are sexy, passionate and BEAUTIFUL! Believe me, you would love to have their look, body and clothing 😛

Mountain Bread-Rio de janeiro
at Rio de Janeiro
train to jesus statue-Brasil
rio de janeiro

With my Parent..happy:)

Rio de Janeiro with parent
sexy dance at Rio de Janeiro
samba festival show at Rio de Janeiro
samba music at Rio de Janeiro
dance show at Rio de Janeiro

Cheers Everyone:)

toucan at brazil


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  1. These pics are so cool! Love that bird!

  2. wow!!!!!
    Beautiful pics!! 🙂
    Amazing trip 🙂

  3. Wow! Amazing pics!
    That bird is incredible! 😀

  4. amazing pics!!kiss kiss

  5. These pics are totally breathtaking . . . .

    oxoxox from San Francisco

  6. woow cudne przeżycie 😉

  7. Cool location!

  8. Brazil looks amazing! I’d love to visit it!

  9. Ahh that bird is so cute! 😀
    I’ve been to Rio once too. I thought it was so beautiful to see how the women there really look confident and celebrate their bodies.

  10. looks nice, i wish to go there one day! xx Ugne from

  11. Oh Corcovado!! I have been in Rio and i love it!!

  12. Such an exotic country! Love your photos, especially the one with the happy parrot 🙂

  13. Great pictures!
    Would love to visit 🙂 and that bird is gorgeous, those colors!

  14. Hey guys..the bird is part of the TOUCAN family:)..and Toucan are really cute. They tried to bite me tho:P…..ahahah..Cheers:)

  15. You go to so many exotic places! Love the photos!

    P.S. By the way, I have a pin it button now thanks to you 😉

  16. I want that girl’s butt on the 7th photographs!!!ahahahah. Brazilian girl are HOT. Their bodies are amazing!

  17. Peggy Shu says:

    wow…the bird is so cute. It’s called Toucan? Very pretty. Would love to visit Brazil someday:)

  18. I just found your blog and I think it is amazing.I will come again for sure

  19. Amazing photos! This place looks incredible! Exotic indeed!


  20. Diwata Luna says:

    Hey Tammy! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Brazil is on my dream list!


  21. beautiful pictures!

  22. These are beautiful pictures! We are following you on bloglovin’, twitter and facebook!

  23. Hi Tammy, I like your blog . You are an adventurer in both travel and fashion.I hope you will join my blog site? I am following you now too.

  24. Great pics, would love to go there some day!