Bahamas and Miami

Bahamas and Miami

I love the Caribbean….but who doesn’t??!!!  Whenever I try to relax a bit or just to have fun, I will fly down to Caribbean just for a few day. You can find amazing food, amazing drink and crazy party in Bahamas and Miami. Enjoy 😛




The amazing Atlantis resort🙂


This is what you get when you slide down:P


Just kidding:P. You will be inside a tube, not having real contact with the shark.


The slide below is awesome:)


And everyone should check the Aquarium in the Atlantis.


I was told the glass statue worth 1 million dollars!!!!

The one million dollar statue

Dinner time:)


And who can miss the festival in the Caribbean. I felt like they have festival EVERY DAY!!

Always have festival in Bahamas
Carnival in Bahamas

Then… it’s time for Miami Adventure🙂


Speed boat Adventure:)


Cheers everyone:)

Yummy dinner at Miami

I recommend this drink for the summer-strawberry inca cola-try it:P


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  1. This looks incredible! Very jealous. Gorgeous photos x

  2. I love the Caribbean and Miami! Would love to go back someday. Great photos

  3. XXX EMN

  4. wow your pictures are great! Great blog 🙂 x

  5. L Hotel a l air absolument génial !

    • Yea, Atlantis resort is amazing. I had a really great time there:) The water park is so cool and I love their Aquarium.
      And hey, I am checking out your blog;) Do come back often ok:))

  6. looks like lots of fun!


  7. MagicMagpie says:

    your photos make me very jealous! Hope to see you at Magic Magpie again soon 😀

    • Thanks for visiting:)…keep in touch my dear:) I will try to post more great photos in here:)

  8. Fabulous photos! I was just at Tybee Island, Georgia and though I like the area, I just can’t stand the beach! Brown sand, dark green water you can’t see through – give me the Caribbean anytime!

    • Thanks Jan. I just upgrade my camera. Hopefully will take more great picture in my upcoming Trans-Africa trip:) and yea, I love caribbean too:) cheers

  9. great pics!!!

  10. Beautiful pictures ! I recognize the atlantis resort from the movie ‘holiday in the sun’ 😀

    Thanks for your comment btw, but what do you mean with ‘You have another site link to this site’ 😀

    • Thanks for dropping by:)…Oh it’s weird, cus when i went to your post, there’s no photos, but it directed me to your other site instead@_@….I thought u do that on purpose:)))

  11. Great pictures! Wish I was there right now! I really want to go to Miami sometime, hope I can realise it soon.
    In dutch we say: krijg er reiskriebels van (wich means something like I get butterflies in my stomach for wanting to travel now). And ps: I follow you on Bloglovin from now!

    • I love food!!! I need love and I need happiness…ofcourse I need to check out your blog:)))) Keep in touch love:)))

  12. Keep going on!!!

  13. Looks amazing! It’s been a dream of mine to go to Atlantis resort since I was a kid! xx

  14. Look Amazing:))

  15. I want to go to Bahamas!!. It look so pretty and I love water-slide.

  16. beautiful shots!

  17. Wow you have some great pics! makes me want to go there 🙂