Antarctica-Animal Style

Antarctica-Animal Style

My passion for photography started after traveling to Africa! But the place which took me to another level is definitely AMAZING ANTARCTICA. I hope to take more amazing photos in my upcoming 10 months Trans-Africa TRIP🙂

Enjoy the animal photos from Antarctica guys. And don’t said I am off topic because who said people cannot get fashion inspiration from Antarctica?! Check out Bathing Ape and other brand for Animal hoddies and Clothings:P

Jumping Penguin

Swimming penguin

Swimming penguin-Antarctica

Mother feeding Penguin Chick -Mouth to Mouth:P

Penguin mother feeding penguin baby
Penguin lying on the ground

Chinstrap Penguin

Chinstrap Penguin

Gentoo Penguin-Mother and Baby

Mother and baby penguin
Jumping penguin



whale at Antarctica
Jumping Whale in Antarctica

Leopard Seal-They are dangerous!

Leopard seal at Antarctica

Baby Fur Seal

Baby fur seal
Leopard seal swimming-Antarctica
Fur Seal-Antarctica

Cheers everyone:)

at antarctica
lonely penguins in Antarctica


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  1. Amazing!!!!!
    I wish to see penguins on their habitat one day!

    • You should….they are very cute, esp when you see them fell off from their Penguin Highway:P

  2. Wow these pictures are amazing! I love how you feature nature in your blog! It’s gorgeous and so inspiring! x

  3. Hi Tammy! So beautiful photos deaR! Congrats!:) Kisses!

  4. kiwifashioblog says:

    These pictures are AMAZING~!!!! You have the best travel pictures! It’s like reading a travel magazine! Love it! I enjoy reading it and look forward to more posts!

    • Wow..Thanks for the compliment:))) My next Antarctica post will be Iceberg:P.. I am not a great photographer, there’s so many out there.. But I love taking animal photos;) Cheers:)

  5. oh the penguins are so adorable!!!

  6. Wauw, that last picture!

  7. Great pics! I soooo wanna go there some time soon! Those penguins are too cute 🙂

    • Penguin are really very funny, esp the penguin chick! They are so innocent and will come close to human. Sometimes, they might even bite you and you have to tell them to go away:P Also, they walk so funny and sometimes will fell off the ground!! And then they will shit right in front of you!!..OMG, they are really very cute:) ..BTW, if you want to go, I have great advise for you to go there in a budget:)…just let me know:)

  8. Hi, pretty blog 🙂

  9. Cool pictures! Antarctica looks amazing!

  10. wow..great post!!!

  11. I love Antarctica, it’s my dream to go there someday ^_^

  12. Beautiful photos! It’s so nice you can travel around the world.

  13. this could easily be a national geographic edit! Really great photos!

    • :))….I am overwhelmed!!!! I wish I could but I think I have years to learn:)..But I will work my ass off to be better:)


  14. fantastic <3

  15. omg lovely pics!!


  16. thank you ! :0 baeutiful pictures !

  17. wow, im so impact with this pics, so so amazing
    i following via blogloving


  18. Thank you for the pictures, Tammy! I also think that penguins are cute but I’ve never seen a real one, only on TV, so I’m really glad to have discovered your blog, thank you for virtually taking us to the most amazing places and showing the most interesting creatures 🙂

    • Thanks you SO SO much for visiting:) I think life is about sharing and experiences. I find a lot of people very inspirational also and I learn a lot of every single one of you:) Hope we can all be friends:)


  19. remyvixen Rose says:

    This is AMAZING. You live such an awesome life! Love this xXx

  20. I really like your blog and your AMAZING photos!! 🙂 I follow you on bloglovin and facebook! Kisses!


  21. says:

    I love your pictures! They are all great 🙂

  22. Yaaaaay penguins ! 😀

  23. Thank you everyone for visiting:) I am deeply grateful:)

  24. You are genial! And your blog is for me number ome! Some of the pictures are very touching! I love yours blog!

  25. OOOOOOOMGEEEEEE!!! I am so jealous!! I want to go to Antarctica sooo badly! What company did you go with?! It’s my goal to go to every continent and I only have Antarctica and South America left!!

    Love all you pictures!

    • I went with Quake Expedition!! They are the expert in polar expedition:). Let me know when you want to go, I have great tips for you:) Cheers;)

  26. wow, Antarctica is so cool! How long were you there for? So, amazing. Plus, I love penguins… 🙂 love the pics!

  27. These are so cute! The feeding image is just amazing!
    kisses chris

  28. Your Photos are amazing! Very Talented.