Island living wetsuit style

Island living wetsuit style

Who said wetsuits cannot be fashionable? Check out all the design available in the market and you will see how fascinating it is. I myself own a “Superhero” type wetsuit  😛 People called me “superwoman” after seeing me in my wetsuit. I found that very funny and enjoy the superhero look very much. So, do you want to join the club????


All above photos are clips from internet**

So, next time when you guys go to Bermuda or Belize , have fun with the wetsuit just like me:P

Blue hole diving
belize blue hole diving trip

DRYSUIT- It take much longer time to put on and it’s NOT comfortable at all. People normally will just put on drysuit minutes before they set out to dive. It’s a very interesting experience and you will not get wet at all if put on dry suit. They are normally twice as expensive as wetsuit. Professional one might even be 5 times more expensive but easier to put on and have more control. Drysuit also tend to last longer to wetsuit so if you have the money, people normally suggest you to go for drysuit.I myself tried it once at “the end of the world” and I was told the suit itself cost $2000 US dollar. Want to know more information, remember to check out this site from time to time:P.


Also DO check this out…….funny-below photo are clip from internet**



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