2012-2013 Trans-Africa Adventure

2012-2013 Trans-Africa Adventure

+ a little bit of MIddle East.

After I had fulfilled my goal of traveling to all 7 continents, I have been researching on where to go next. Since my last travel to the great African Continent which was in 2009, I had always dream of going back and see what mother nature can offer. Also, the culture of Africa is always fun, bright, colorful which I find them very inspirational. There are already a lot of African inspired designs and  tons of African Fashion guides. African fashion weeks were also launched in different parts of the world(Dubai, New York, London) in different year. I am really excited to see what the rest of Africa have to offer.


Due to the political situation of some countries like MALI!  I need to re-route and go through more country like Guinea, Senegal, Ivory cost! Now, I need to re-route my 2012-2013 Trans-Africa Map:) Stay tune to find out whether I can really explore all these countries:P

2012-2013-Trans-Africa Trip (revised)
Revised 2012-2013 Trans-Africa Trip


My plan so far is- NYC-Madrid-Tunisia-Malta-Andorra-barcelona-Lisbon-porto-Gibraltar-Morocco, Mauritania,Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana,Togo, Benin, Nigeria,Cameroon,Gabon, Republic of Congo, Cabinda, Angola,Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, then south africa. after that, everything is open, maybe Madagascar or Botswana, then fly to Dubai cus the cheapest, from there to Ethiopia, Iran,Kuwait, Bahrain, then back to UAE then Yemen final stop. Hope can get lots of inspirational pictures and show to the world.

2012-2013 Trans-Africa Adventure

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  1. Always love ur travel ideas…..

    • I love your travel idea too:)). And you are always traveling. YOu should continue your blog and show me all your travel pictures:)

  2. There is a easy cheap 6hour bus ride from Dubai to Muscat. from there the bus to Yemen should be easy although I think Yemen is dangerous (I THINK from my perpective with 7yrs ARMY Yemen is a bit dangerous).

    Your missing Kurdistan though dear. After meeting you last year I went across Turkey to Kurdistan/North Iraq and across to Iran. that was pretty safe (even met a girl or 2 that did it). One of the cheapest flights out of area I could find was Tehran to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia.

    • Adrian!!:) I actually know US government issue a travel warning for Yemen but I don’t think every part of Yemen is dangerous. I actually plan to fly to Socotra from UAE then fly out from Sanaa Yemen. I know Sanaa just had a terrorist attack not long ago so if anything happen, I will just go to Socotra which will be safe no matter what. Bus…I think I will pass..lol..but I did researched on how to get to Saudi Arabia but with no luck. They do not allow Tourist to pretend like businessmen to get in there anymore. Do you know anyone who did travel to Saudi arabia recently?

      Ah…yea…I should include Kurdistan. Please let me know details on how to get in there:) How to get visa and did you join your or go by yourself?

      • Yeah I’ll put u in touch with a Middle East specialist, I think Saudi might be the hardest. Iran, don’t let them know about your American Passport. Main transport in Iran is Bus. You can get one to the Kurdish/Iranian part, then a bus to Kurdistan/Iraq. I really think you should have me, a Persian/Kurd, or some kind of superman with you cause the border crossings may freak out if your by yourself. Have to use Chinglish, not American English. I crossed from Turkey to Iraq with ease. A Kurdish friend hooked me up with his Brother, no English for 4 days across Turkey to Iraq. Then I was left on the Iraq side in a mixed taxi. Went to Erbil, stayed with a guy from Taxi. Hooked up with 2 Iranian backpackers in Erbil, traveled around North Iraq with them. after about a week we got a bus from Sulaymaniyah to Sanandaj (I think). The border crossing was the freakiest in my life. Look like they hadn’t seen a tourist in weeks. However you would fly into Tehran, easier. Then you hit this border going to Iraq. However they can still refuse. If your a girl by yourself, you could be a ‘spy’. Have to hook up with a Persian or Kurd. This could be done however u need a little time in Tehran to make sure you can get a travel buddie. Please don’t do this without a travel buddie.

        • OK, I am so confused. Didn’t you mentioned in your first post that going to northern Iraq is easy??? Now, you are telling me it’s hard?? Where will you be in April or May 2013. I need you!!!!

  3. That is such a crazy plan of you. Good luck and let me know how your travel go.

  4. this seems like it will be an amazinggggg trip..I can’t wait to read all about it & see your photos!! I really want to visit Africa someday..seeing the Serengeti Migration is my ultimate travel goal

  5. I just discovered your blog and it is amazing! Thank you for putting so much effort into it for us to read! I just have one question, is it safe to travel in Africa? I won’t be going by myself but my travel buddy (aka bf) is really against it because he believes it’s unsafe there.

    • Hey, Thanks for stopping by. Hmmm, NOWHERE is safe in this world. Do you know how many gun shooting happening in US? There are some very dangerous places in africa where everyone shouldn’t go unless is for business:P I suggest if you want to go to Africa you can try east africa first because it’s more develop for travelers:) I can say i have never encounter anything I felt unsafe:)…but you know I am kind of a fearless person:))) but you know I am always promoting africa:) I suggest you will never know if you do not see that in your own eyes:) cheers:)

  6. Hi dear Tammy,
    this is amazing idea! I´m happy for you and I´m waiting for cool Trans-Africa post:)
    have a great week,
    kisses chris

  7. Hi im australian and im travelling with my husband to kurdistan next march. we are planning to go to kermanishan Iranian part by car (can someone tell me if it will be safe for me? ive heard about kidnappings

    • Hey Anna,

      All my friend who went there told me it’s safe when crossing the border even with local transportation:) and I have heard so many good thing about Iran and have met some good Iranian people online. Every country have it safe and unsafe part, you just need to be careful. This is my 2 cents after traveling for so long as a single female traveler;) However, I have NOT been to Iran …yet:) Can you tell me when you will be heading to Iran? From which country you will be heading to Iran? I might probably arrive there end of April( I will fly in to Teheran):) Maybe we can meet up, if not, I can direct you to my friend’s website(actually you can check it out-chasing the unexpected on my links). She have tons of experience on traveling to Iran:)

  8. Hi, just came across your site through a google search and saw your plans for Africa. If you are interested in some current advice, I just got back after traveling through Africa on my motorbike for charity (www.teapotone.com has more info).

    My route was similar to your proposed new route, everything was fine in Morocco and Western Sahara – both beautiful places and great people. But from Mauritania it’s a totally different story. Absolutely vile people who will rob you, or worse, in an instant. There is NO kindness or generosity from strangers, the only nice people I met were fellow travellers. Think VERY hard about going through Mauritania, and really don’t go anywhere near the ROSSO border to Senegal. It is without doubt the scariest and most corrupt place in the world. I had guns pulled on me frequently, money conned and just taken by the police/army, and that’s not taking into account the natural dangers of the desert itself. The place is FULL of minefields, even at the main border form Western Sahara! there are no signs to tell you that though.

    I planned on going from Mauritania into Mali then down, like you have. But the situation is very bad just now, so even the Mauritanian’s tell you to go into Senegal, then just pop through the southern part of Mali into Burkina Faso, or whatever.

    Just thought I’d let you know what it’s actually like over there. Everyone told me how nice and generous everyone would be, but that wasn’t what I found. I had to come back in the end as it just got too dangerous and I’d been robbed & conned so much, I was running out of money.

    I’ll never go back, but good luck if you go.