Tahiti and Fiji Island Living Vacation Style

Tahiti and Fiji Island Living Vacation Style

Honeymoon Paradise Tahiti and Fiji are colorful, warm and welcoming. Who do not want to vacate over there?


Especially with your love one??!!:P


But there are MORE to do in Tahiti than people think, like surfing!. Tahiti host the biggest Surfing event every year and real surfers are all aim to surf in this incredible island. I myself have not try the wave but did tried snorkeling over there and it’s amazing:)
But, there shall be more…. to show off the island living style-dresses, hats,sunglasses and colorful accessories.
Below 5 picture are from Taobao.com**
floral dress
floral dress for island living
floral beach dress
beach dress
dress for the beach
Or, you can get inspiration from the local, see how woman and MAN all put beautiful flower over their ear:P
tahitian man
This kind of local flower are everywhere:)
Or find local jewelries to build up your accessories wardrobe
Black Pearl and Silver are very famous there–Below picture are clip from internet***
black Pearl Tahiti
And why not just check out the mountain view and rest for a bit
Then head to another beautiful island-FIJI
FIJI is where I got my Scuba diving Certification and the underwater world is amazing. Water is so warm that you do not need to wear any wetsuit. Freedom style diving is the reason why I am dying to go back later:)
Find something at the local market
Or just rest and breath after a long day
Cus afterall, this is Vacation all about:)

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  1. i love how the pictures are so clear and the colors are so amazing! you have to let us know about the camera and lenses that you use!

    • Hey Lauren,

      Yea, Tahiti and Fiji are Must go destinations:) And I will definitely try to write an article regarding my camera and lens later. I did seeks a lot of advise before I bought my kit and try to learn how to take good pictures with all my heart:)
      OH btw, I am going to get a flash for my camera later so I can take indoor picture, I will definitely let you know what I am getting:)


  2. I’m in awe of all the gorgeous saturated colours!

    • Hey Samuel,

      Thanks a million for the comment. I have just switched to a new camera. Hope I can capture more great photos in my upcoming Trans-Africa journey and hope those photos will be as good as yours:). Love you blog:)

  3. beautiful photos!

  4. Peggy Shu says:

    The water is amazing….so pretty!!!

  5. Fantastic place! I wish I could go there sometime.
    Demi Mist recently posted..My wedding bonbonnieres and invitationsMy Profile