My plan to capture the fashion style of every single country

My plan to capture the fashion style of every single country

Fashion according to Wikipedia could be clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, or furniture. Since I am interest in all these elements and Had been traveling to many places, I was thinking why not to every single country and capture their local fashion?!. In my past travel, I have not been taking pictures seriously, but I am serious about checking on what the local people are wearing and what the local market are selling. I always sneak to local stores or flea market to look for something to buy so I am sure I can find something interesting to share in this blog.

Am I traveling around the world indefinitely? The answer is NO

I really admire people can travel indefinitely but I HAVE TOO MANY BELONGINGS!. Too many clothes and accessories. I bought too much art and craft from different places. So, my base will be in New York and I used to travel 4-8 times a years . Life to me is too long, I can always break up my travel through out my life and sometimes have long-term travel like my upcoming Trans-Africa Trip. That is the reason why I have faith to travel to every single country in this world. I do not have to follow Chris Guillebeau to set a time to travel to each country. I am happy to finish this goal before I die.

In between travel, I will still talk about fashion in major city especially New York and wait for another exiting journey. I hope people if not traveling can enjoy my view of fashion because FASHION MEANS NOTHING IF NOT A GREAT ESCAPE

Ok, I have upgrade all my equipments:P…from Camera to my Scratch Book. I love my scratch book. It’s leather cover with a pendent of my Sign(Pieces) hanging on the cover. So cool.


I love my Nikon 90 Camera


My Macbook and Cappuccino 🙂


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  1. I like you idea

  2. Cynthia says:

    This is awesome Tammy! Show us more photos of your fashion! Love it!

    • Thanks Cynthia. I want to do this for a very long time since as you know I have been to so many places already. And I love fashion and I love to shop. And I just develop my passion for photography also so, I hope I can take some very good pictures during my 2012-2013 Trans-Africa trip:).stay tune:)

  3. I hope you can come to the Philippines!
    Diwata Luna recently posted..Star Magic Ball 2012 Best Dressed ListMy Profile

    • I wish to go back too..I went there with my PARENT again!! while I was very little:)..there’s so much to do over there…scuba diving,kite surfing, etc,etc….Arg,,,,I wanna go now:)