Mongolia-Genghis Khan Style

Mongolia-Genghis Khan Style

I still remembered when I arrived Ulaanbaatar train station early morning on 2009. It’s like arriving to another world. My 2009 round the world trip started in Beijing which I took the Trans-Mongolian Train all the way to St. Petersburg Russia through Siberia. It’s such a memorable journey which I will never forget in my lifetime. I was partying all night in Beijing before I boarded the train to Mongolia. I immediately passed out when I got on the train and luckily nobody was sharing a compartment with me:) My journey onward was full of fun and memory. I still remembered there were a lot more Russians and Mongolians than Travelers which really did surprised me. Most of them didn’t pay for the train tickets and were always hiding whenever the conductor pass by. It was so funny because their main purpose was to sell products on every station we stop by. So, it’s a lot of fun just by watching them doing the hide and seek.

Mongolia, actually should be Outer Mongolia. It’s a country between Russia and China. This country used to have a lot of nomadic people living in a Yurt:) But nowadays, most of the yurt village are for tourist purpose which I really do not like. It’s like a tourist theme park with no authentic taste. Luckily I still can find some traditional culture that I like and had stayed in a yurt for 3 days to experience the life of nomadic people.

mongolian couple



Ulaanbaatar Mongolia
Yurt Mongolia
mongolia cupboard

Also, I did tried horse back riding just like Genghis Khan 😛

Mongolian kids
Mongolia horseback

Horses in Mongolia
horse back riding Mongolia

And the people there are full of talent:)

mongolian wrestlers
Mongolian men

The local fashion is very inspiring also, check this out-

Mongolian wedding clothes

Hope you all enjoy this post. Cheers:)


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  1. After watching a friend (who goes by the name of Monkeetime) post an entire series on Mongolia I’m just itching to go there myself. The scenery looks breathtaking! I love your last shot with the locals wearing traditional attire.

    • Yea!!!!It’s breathtaking and I suggest you to go to Gobi dessert for couple days. It’s a nice experience to stay in a Yurt with the Mongolian people too:)

  2. this is so cool. i’ve never known anyone who has actually been to mongolia and stayed in a YURT. Awesome.