Kenya-Masai Style

Kenya-Masai Style

Masai/Maasai clothing and accessories have inspired many well-known designers for years. Many design have incorporated This Colorful Maasai elements to their design. You can see the elements from fashion jewelries, designer clothes and shoes/sandals. The most recent featured design was by Pikolinos, a Spanish Shoe Company. Their design reflects the true workmanship of Maasai culture. See for yourself below:)  Please do check out my Zanzibar post for more Masai Photos:)



kenyan men

The house was made with mud and “faeces”!!!..It did smell really bad!

keyan man
at kenya village

Pikolinos, a Spanish Shoe Company Works with Maasai Women in Kenya

Below 2 photos are clips from the internet**


style=”color: #800000;”>The Tire Sandals I bought in Kenya
Any check out Louis Vuitton 2012 Men’s Fashion Show
And compare to where I put my Masai Blanket -as a TV table cloth!!!!!
masai blanket
Obviously because I bought it for $20 only. If I have to spend $700 for below scarf, I think I will definitely NOT do this:P
Above 2 LV photos are clips from the internet, all other photos are taken by me:)

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  1. Beautiful photos. So wanna to go there now:)

  2. Sandal made from car tires?? Amazing.

    • Yea…amazing right? But it’s look weird when I wear them with normal outfit. It only looks good when wearing Masai traditional clothing:P