I am obsessed with Sunglasses

I am obsessed with Sunglasses

2012 Sunglasses Trend is definitely “VINTAGE, VINTAGE, VINTAGE”. At the beginning of the season, I really want to buy a gold metal frame Ray Ban sunglasses, since I lost my Tom Ford Sunglasses In Ushuaia and my Gucci Sunglasses in Chile in less than one month. So upset, but it’s always good excuse to buy new Stuffs, right? I am in love with the new Louis Vuitton Anthea Sunglasses, but with the price tag of $650, I think I will pass since I lose sunglasses so easily. The two shades I lost I already purchased them when they are out of season in here so it’s like half price. I always though sunglasses if you buy something classic you can get great deal normally after summer.

LV Sunglasses-Above and below 2 photos are clips from the internet**


Tom Ford Nikita Sunglasses

Tom ford on Kourtney Kadashian

Tom For sunglasses-I will miss you forever:P


Gucci sunglasses, I will miss you forever:)


So, I decided to go to Amazon again to find some good deal!!! Come on, girl need to be fashionable but at the same time SMART with her money. That’s why I can collect all below sunglasses! Check it out! See all those sunglasses on the left hand side?! I will bring them all to my Africa trip since I bought them for a really great deal in here🙂 Also, how can you travel without a fashionable sunglasses;P



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  1. I would love to have the Anthea LV sunglasses.

    • Yea..but it’s freaking $650 dollar!!! I guess I will pass:P because I lose sunglasses so easily:)

  2. ohh yes, I adore sunglasses!
    wonderful post, my dear!
    a big kiss!

  3. I’m obsessed with sunnies too! Those LV ones are EVERYTHING!!! I so feel you on the loss of a favorite pair. I broke my favorite Fendi pair and haven’t been the same since!

    xoxo ~ Juju