Edgy Fashion-Tattoo

Edgy Fashion-Tattoo

Tattoo have made their way to Fashion industry and becoming extremely popular—- thanks to many A list celebrities, Athletics and designers. A lot of high end label have started to incorporate tattoo elements in their design.

Tempoary tattoo art fashion

My first encounter with tattoo was while I traveled to Tokyo Japan with a friend and he was so interested to get his first tattoo so the first day we arrived Tokyo, we headed to a tattoo parlor!. He got a chinese word”dream” at his lower back and after that, I become more and more interested to this previously ” unknown” but “edgy” fashion.

1 months later my Trans-siberian journey took me to Moscow. Wandering around the street I noticed there was a tattoo parlor at the second floor. When I shown up at the tattoo shop, everyone was looking at me. Hmmmm….interesting. But the most interesting part was everyone was asking me why I want to get some Russian words tattooed on my body. Well, why not. I really love it and thought it’s like putting on a statement accessory. When I got back to NY, sometimes some Russian would come up to me and asked me why I had russian tattoo behind my neck?..ha…

After traveling to Fiji and New Zealand, more and more tattoo culture caught my eyes and I was so fascinated by the pattern, meaning, art form and creation of the tattoo.


The Maori Culture


How can you not see Tattoo as part of Fashion now????


Celebrity tattoo

All photos are clips from internet except one is owned by me-the Russian tattoo:)


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  1. I am also getting one this winter and I am actually planning to get more in hidden areas of course due to my work environment in the future.
    I am against judging people because they have tattoo, but the society is is perfect
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