China-the up and coming fashion capital

China-the up and coming fashion capital

China is the country I want to start a post long time ago but it will probably end up with 20+posts just by talking about the different fashion elements in this country. Why? because China consist of 21 different ethnic groups each have their own distinct culture. not to say different dynasties of china have different fashion elements of its own. I have been to Beijing and Shanghai twice and been to 12 different provinces in china, but still I can’t wait to go back to explore more because different part of china are really SO different. Anyway, let get started-

Modern fashion in China consisted of so many varieties, there are local Chinese fashion designers who already claimed international recognition-e.g. GUO PEI

All below photos are clips from the internet***


Local Chinese fashion designer who made her way to New York Fashion week-


But I am ONLY obsessed with the YET infamous brand-Osmosis. A brand still have not been discovered. But I am happy general people can still afford this brand because their average selling price is $40!!! Can you imagine they were designed by local Chinese Fashion designer? If I can, I wish I can have an interview with them and show you guys more about their design inspiration:)

China's fashion style osmosis
China's fashion style osmosis
China's fashion style osmosis

And the other brand I like with more traditional feel-Venti Color

venti color

Cus afterall Chinese traditional Fashion elements are still SUPER inspirational:)

everything can be inspirational from china
color splash-china
chinese lantern
chinese embroidery

BUT how can you not be inspired by PANDA??

HI panda

Yea! There’s street brand in CHINA!!!

Hi Panda Tee

Cus Panda is JUST so cute afterall:P




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