Arctic-Eskimo Style

Arctic-Eskimo Style

You can See Eskimo Elements almost every year during Winter time. Why? Functional and Beautiful


Milan Fashion Week Fendi Autumn/Winter 2012 highlight-not surprise to see Eskimo style element inside. Actually, you can find Eskimo design elements in every Autumn/Winter RTW.

Arctic Style-Eskimo
Arctic style-Eskimo inspired Fashion

Above 3 photos are clips from the internet**


It’s -59 F when I got to the Arctic!!!! My hand and feet got numb every single time I got out from the car. BUT I did went snow sliding with my friend from the top of the hill and it was awesome:)

Arctic sunset
Arctic @ -59F
The arctic
Arctic Style-Silver Wolf Skin

BUT it’s all worth it when you got to see the Northern Light:)

Arctic Style-Dress up to see northern light

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  1. Very cool pictures Tammy and it look COLD!

    • It was COLD!!!. It’s -59F when I went up there. My finger and feet got numb every single time I got out and it will stayed numb for a few minutes even when I got back to the car!. But the place is extremely surreal!. I cannot believe this kind of place exit and I normally do not believe the background of SNOW Queen is REAL!!! I thought it’s just another fake Disney movie but the place is exactly like that. With the snow on the tree and sunset in the arctic. I will die to go back:)

  2. I love your fur trim jacket. It look so warm too. Dog sledding look so much fun and the dogs look so cute. Great pictures.

    • Hey Thanks. There was actually another NorthFace Dawn Jacket which I put on top of the Fur Trim Jacket:). It’s -59F after all:) And yea, the dogs are the cutest and I want to do the dog sledding thing one more time:P

  3. It’s so pretty and cold. Love to visit there sometimes.

  4. So cool pics!!!
    These places should be incredibly amazing (and super cold)!
    I wish to see nothern lights too!

  5. wow!

  6. Lovely pictures!


  7. fashionhypnotised says:

    Amazing viewings!:X

  8. woooowww 😀

  9. I love the pic of the trees covered in snow! How did the arctic compare to the antarctic? I’m hoping that one day I can make it out to both places!

    • Hey Diana,

      I actually love the Arctic more than the Antarctic!!! It’s crazy tho cus when I went there , it’s freezing cold but the scenery is breath taking!! maybe I am not expecting to see such a beautiful landscape so I am SO SO surprised!!! Like I said in my post, it’s exactly like snow queen background. Love it. For Antarctica, its amazing too, but everything was expected:). You should go to both to compare yourself, cheers:)

      • that’s so cool! you’re right, we are both travel addicted! haha
        Which part of the Arctic did you go to? I’ve been close to the arctic circle but never quite made it. 🙁 I absolutely love the pics of the trees! The trees and your comment about the arctic being better than the antarctic is definitely inspiring me to head to the north pole before the south!

        • I have been to the finland part and Alaska part. To me, Alaska is more beautiful girl!!!…It’s one of the most beautiful place I have ever been!!!! Or maybe because I went there during the winter time, everything is so snowy and dreamy!!! It was cold tho!!! BUt amazing, I cannot wait to go back!!! Which part of arctic you have been? I wish to go to northern Europe again(since I have not been to sweden and Norway!) during winter time-maybe during X’s has:)..I think whether a place is beautiful depend on a lot of thing, like time, mood and situation:) Don’t you think?

          hope our path will cross someday so I can get to see you and know you:) we definitely will have lots to talk about:)


          • yeah totally! you seem like you’d be a fun travel partner! i just saw your pics on Poland and the extreme stuff you did. i love it when people are down to try anything! life is more interesting when you have stories to tell. 🙂

            ahhhhh! I haven’t been to alaska yet, but want to go! i was close to the arctic when i was in iceland, sweden, and greenland – BUT just never made it across the circle.

            I look forward to seeing all your new Africa pics. i think the best way to see Africa is to spend a lot of time there and to overland through it so i think you’ll definitely get a lot of your time there! hope you stay safe!

          • Hey Diana,

            Thanks for your support and your nice comment. I really are so gratful to have find like minded people in here:)..and wish I can spend time to talk to them..esp you:). I would love to go to iceland and greenland!!!!…well, next time for SURE!!!ahahaha.

            FOR my Africa trip, I am SO excited!!! YOu have no idea. I am going to spend a lot of time in africa for sure!! And I will try to stay safe because I need to share all the great photos with your guys:)


  10. Wow! Amazing place! I’m cold just looking at them!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Diary of Bliss : First weekMy Profile

  11. Tammy! This is a great post, I missed it! Good thing you told me to take a look! It seems soooo cool! Wanna go there as well 😀 Love the polar light and the snow and the huskies!! Have a great day!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Monschau: het meest pittoreske dorpje van DuitslandMy Profile

  12. OMG! that must’ve been sooo cold!!! Love the poctures!

    The Red Lil’ Shoes Blog
    Liz Albuquerque recently posted..Look da Semana: You’re the taste of mint, under a midnight flirtMy Profile

  13. This is cool, mixing ice and -59 with fashion!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted.."Wood Be” by CJMy Profile

  14. wow, these pictures are amazing!
    I just love your blog <3
    Lali pops of colour
    lalipops recently posted..Palais des Festivals and NeonMy Profile