Antarctica-Outdoor style

Antarctica-Outdoor style

It is true that there is not much local fashion going on in Antarctica…but Antarctica has PENGUIN!..That make up for everything:P

Also, there is still Tons of shopping for those who like to shop-Hoodies(research stations of different country sell different souvenirs to traveler), T-Shirt(like “l survived the Drake”), Cap, beanie, necklace, earrings, etc, etc. One thing people could never imagine is, the cruise to Antarctica(beside there’s a lot of lectures) are pretty much the same as the cruise to Bahama:P. Well, check it out yourself and you will see.



BBQ Time


Hawaii time:P



Penguin Style


Antartica Party Style


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  1. Love the pictures and love the penguins Tammy.

    • Thanks Lauren. I love the penguins too. Will post more pictures about the places and penguin later. Cheers

  2. Lisa Purdy says:

    Beautiful places and beautiful people. Love to go to Antarctica now.

  3. Barbecue in Antarctica?! Nice post.

    • Yea…I was shocked when I knew that we are going to do barbecue in Antarctica also:). It’s was such a nice and sunny day with amazing view at the background. I suggest everyone should at least go to Antarctica once in their life time:)

  4. The penguin are so cute:) Great photos.

    • Penguin are really cute. BUt there’s more-Different kind of seal, bird, whales,etc. I will post more photos of Antarctica later:) Cheers

  5. wow, Tammy, you’ve really been to extraordinary places!
    I wish I could travell most of my working or spare time some day – I think travelling is my biggest passion…
    There’s nothing that opens the mind’s door more than travelling and adventures do, I believe..

    • I agree. I feel Like I am a totally different person after I started traveling. I think people will be more open minded and easier to accept new thing:). I also like different culture in different countries, I found every country to be unique and beautiful:) I used to only go to modern places like japan and Europe because I also have the same prejudice as everybody else–OTHER PLACES ARE ALL UNSAFE AND DIRTY!. But the more and more I travel, the more and more I want to SHOW ALL OF YOU the TRUTH:)..Stay tune:)

      And if traveling is one of your biggest passion, go and do it NOW and do not wait. Its not that hard since flight tickets is pretty reasonable these days, everyone is traveling now. I mean you do not need to stay in luxury hotel in order to travel:P..Maybe we can came across each one someday:)…Best wishes:)

  6. I LOVE penguin style Tammy! I’m not sure about hawaiian style. But I do LOVE your partay style! You look LOVELY.