Guatemala-ChiChi Style

Guatemala-ChiChi Style

Guatemala-One of my favorite country-Their mountains, their lakes are unbeliverably breathtaking. I was so overwhelmed with all the workmanship on the clothes, handbag and scarf , they are all heavily emboided I couldn’t help but bought them all. I still remembered at Chi Chi market, street vender all have  mobile credit card reader holding in their hands!. What an amazing discovery.

guatemala edgymix

Guatemala style

At the end of my tour in Lake Atitlan, I discovered a shop selling Boots made with Local Sheep Skin. They were amazingly soft along with beautiful workmanship. All the boots were hand-made by a local Guatemalan man. I found this out because a french lady was actually taking care of the shop and I was trying to negotiate with her regarding the price. She told me the owner was seriously ill and she would appreciate if I do not ask for discount. Well, I did not and bought 2 pairs of boots. Check this out, they cost me $100 in totally, but I am guessing if I have to buy them in NYC, they will cost me $180 each because they are hand-made, real sheep plus SNAKE PLUS HORSE skin!!!!




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  1. wow….Tammy , this post is so fantastic!
    great blog!
    I follow you.
    a big kiss my dear!

  2. Anna Moore says:

    Tammy i like your posts! i’m following u with bloglovin now.By the way I was looking for gfc but i see u have not it.

    • Hey, lots of people ask me that and yea, I do not have gfc. Let me look into it and add that to my site:P YOu know I am a coding idiot and it take me so much time to add some widget:P….Cheers.

  3. i loveeeeeeeeeeeee the patterns.. south america is next on my list after im done with asia.. did you use a tour company for guatemala? soo jealous of all these amazing travel experiences! fantastic blog!

    • Hey Kim:) Guatemala is full of color, culture and local fashion. You would love it. There’s so many bargains and treasure over there, did u see my boots?! And nah, i went there by myself snd i like the challenge of traveling myself, there’s a bit of incident happened in Honduras tho, will lets you guys know later:) cheers:)) oh, where have u been in asia? Where are u living at the moment?

  4. This post is fantastic…full of great colors…really like it!

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